Ukraine until the end of the year plans to return $610 million debt

The amount of future payments the end of 2018 – in the fourth quarter, is 17,247 billion, or $ 610 million. at the current exchange rate of the National Bank of Ukraine.

Україна до кінця року планує повернути $610 мільйонів боргу

As the chart shows forecasted debt payments on the website of the Ministry of Finance on existing contracts on October 1, including those facing repayment of debt 13,714 billion (485 mliga.) and his service to 3,533 billion (125 million dollars), informs Rus.Media.

According to the data, since the beginning of the year Ukraine paid foreign creditors 74,096 billion UAH, which at the current exchange rate of the NBU is 2,620 billion., and taking into account future payments, the annual payments will be 3,230 billion.

In 2019, the repayment and servicing of external public debt will amount to 165,395 billion UAH (5,849 billion dollars.) including 53,590 billion UAH (1,895 billion.) in the first quarter; 47,672 billion UAH (1,686 billion.) – in the second; 56,459 billion UAH (1,997 billion.) – in the third; 7,673 billion UAH (271 million USD). – in the fourth.

The amount of future external debt payments in 2020 is 169,902 billion, or 6,009 billion. at the current exchange rate of the NBU.

The amount of public and publicly guaranteed debt of Ukraine in January-August of 2018 decreased by 1.9% in dollar terms – to 74,85 billion., 1.2% in the hryvnia equivalent to UAH 2,117 trillion.

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