Ukraine secretly said goodbye to their hero, this will not tell on TV: the first details

Украина тайно попрощалась со своим героем, об этом не расскажут на ТВ: первые подробности

Died Ukrainian military – today the country says goodbye to its brave son

The tragic event Рoliteka writes, citing the publication of Facebook known Ukrainian journalist Yuri Butusov. According to him, was not the Ukrainian scout:

“The hall is full of people at the tomb — almost all of them men, who saw plenty of death. Large wreaths from friends. What is not written. I know the faces of those who brought them are employees of our intelligence agencies. No one speaks the speeches with a story about the merits of the deceased. No obituary. No video and Photos. No one will tell the place of burial. All this is not to say and show,” writes the author.

Украина тайно попрощалась со своим героем, об этом не расскажут на ТВ: первые подробности

He notes that there are brave men in the service of the state, sometimes even “death becomes part of their job”:

“So leave the scouts… But the day will come and you’ll get noticed. Goodbye, friend – wrote Butusov in the network.

Ukrainians Express his condolences to the relatives of the deceased soldier:

“Eternal memory. Thank you…”

“Honor and glory to the Hero, our memory forever…”

“The eternal, the Bright memory of the Hero and let the throat will become the enemies of this war”

Украина тайно попрощалась со своим героем, об этом не расскажут на ТВ: первые подробности

Recall also the militants in the occupied Donbas made a “mess” in the day of a scheduled withdrawal of forces. This was announced by the speaker of the Ministry of defence Dmitry Gutsulyak.

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“October 7, on the line of contact sighting recorded seven attacks of positions of the joint forces by the Russian occupation forces. At the same time, five armed forces of the Russian Federation and its mercenaries deliberately violated the Minsk agreement by mortar shelling positions of Ukrainian heroes “, — he noted.

According to him, the terrorists fired at Ukrainian positions of the mines of 82 mm caliber. Also used heavy machine guns, grenade launchers and small arms.

Украина тайно попрощалась со своим героем, об этом не расскажут на ТВ: первые подробности

“8.00 for 20 minutes the enemy was shelling in the area of land cultivation settlement gold, applying in the direction of the occupied town of Pervomaisk of Luhansk oblast easel anti-tank grenade launchers and heavy machine guns”, — he stressed.

As previously reported, the withdrawal of forces in the Petrovsky district and Gold in the Donbass began on Monday, as were violations of the truce. With such statement the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vadim Pristayko was made on Monday, 7 October.

We will remind also, earlier approval of the text of “formula Steinmeier” has caused a public outcry, on the same day in the evening held a picket at the Office of the President.

3 Oct in the video Zelensky said that “formula” should be implemented in the new law on special order of local government in certain districts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, which the Verkhovna Rada will be developed in close cooperation and in public discussion with the community, and it will not be crossed any “red line”.

Recall Zelensky found a chance to return the Donbas without casualties, the time has come.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky held hostage, put forward demands.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelenski can get a powerful weapon against Putin