Ukraine retaliated in Russia: the first details the fateful decision

Украина нанесла ответный удар по России: первые подробности судьбоносного решения

Ukraine imposed new sanctions against Russia

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has introduced a series of economic sanctions against the Russian Federation.

As you know, it happened at today’s Cabinet meeting.

It is also known that sanctions Ukrainians was introduced in response to the sanctions of Russia against Ukraine. So Ukraine has expanded the list of Russian goods prohibited to be imported into the country under the mirror sanctions were agricultural products and transport.

Украина нанесла ответный удар по России: первые подробности судьбоносного решения

Earlier it was reported that in Ukraine, in particular, banned the import of manufactured goods, such as cement, mineral fertilizers, agricultural products, vehicles from Russia.

The sanctions also provide for the introduction of special duties. A special fee will apply from August 1, 2019, regardless of other duties.

Recall, the Ukrainian government is introducing against Russia tough sanctions due to the bold decisions of President Vladimir Putin’s residents ORDO.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine is developing a severe response to the facilitation of the issuance of passports to residents of samoprovzglashenny “LDNR”. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry reported citing Minister Pavlo Klimkin.

The Minister of foreign Affairs on air of TV channel “inter” said that Ukraine is preparing a new package of sanctions against Russia because of the recent decree of President Vladimir Putin. According to him, the response should provide additional pressure on the leadership of the Kremlin. They provide a package of restrictions: “sectoral and economic”.

Украина нанесла ответный удар по России: первые подробности судьбоносного решения

Pavlo Klimkin stressed that this time the government of Ukraine is not limited to personal sanctions, which were imposed after clashes with Russian security services in Kerch Strait. According to him, under the new restrictions can get “people and companies, which form the basis of the Kremlin regime”. The Minister said that the diplomats “there are certain creative ideas.” But until the official decided not to reveal all the cards.

We will remind, the mentioned consequences for the Russian Federation from issuing passports in the Donbass: “the Kremlin itself in the foot shot”.

As reported Politeka, the family of the brother of the leader of “popular front” of Bourbaki received Russian passports in the Crimea: documents.

Also Politeka wrote that the Ukrainians became victims bezveza: “confiscated passports, can’t go back”.