Ukraine may lose the absolute champion after the granting of the Tomos of the UOC

Украина может потерять абсолютного чемпиона после предоставления Томоса УПЦ

Absolute world champion Ukrainian champion Oleksandr Usyk repeatedly made clear that he was from childhood deeply devout man, what his faith is associated directly only with the Moscow Patriarchate. Such people in Ukraine, many, many of them very famous and talented people. About this in his blog writes Ukrainian public figure, blogger Yuriy tyschuk.

He notes that today is screaming about its canonicity, it shouts the loudest, though not canonical Moscow Patriarchate. The historical details that refute this myth are complicated and not everyone can understand them. More recently, especially in times of Yanukovych, Subversion MP contributed to the power. After receiving the Tomos of the Ecumenical Patriarch appears Autocephalous Ukrainian Orthodox Church with clear and obvious canonicity. The myth of the canonicity of the Moscow Patriarchate on the territory of Ukraine will be dispelled. There is no doubt that the aggressive part of the MP controlled by the aggressor state, which opposes the Ukrainian development now, will be to conduct subversive activities and after.

According to Tyschuk, clergy and faithful of the MP split. Some part will take to a canonical Autocephalous Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Some for various reasons will remain under the leadership of the Ukraine hostile forces. Someone will step away at all, frustrated, “love of brothers in Christ”, which is more like a hell of hatred and desire to dominate. And here the question arises: on which side will the Tendril and others with a similar worldview? Yuriy tyschuk writes that there is faith that he will remain with Ukraine. This can be achieved only by wisdom, which includes the punishment of evil, the lumen misled and assistance to the sincere believers.

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