Ukraine may ban the production of fur

The ban could enter into force after the petition passes all the necessary procedures in the Council.

В Україні можуть заборонити виробництво хутра

On the website of the Verkhovna Rada petition to ban the production of fur in Ukraine has gained more than 26 thousand votes out of 25 thousand is required, informs Rus.Media.

As of 17:00 hours on 29 September the number of fans amounted to 26 775. Until the end of collection of signatures remained for another two days.

According to the author of the petition, to ban the production of fur country needs now, and start him into action for 5-7 years. During this time, employees in this industry must master in other activities, and in Ukraine will be able to create a control mechanism of this prohibition.

A ban is proposed for the following reasons:

  • of environmental pollution;
  • inhumane conditions of animals;
  • the risk to human health (animal wastes can poison the reservoirs);
  • cruel slaughter of animals.
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