Ukraine: last stage of the tour of Justin Trudeau

justin-trudeauThe Prime Minister Justin Trudeau arrived in Lviv, in western Ukraine, to take the final step of his six-day trip in Eastern Europe.

He went to meet some of the 200 Canadian soldiers of the Royal 22nd Regiment from Valcartier who were sent to a base of the Lviv region in response to the annexation by Russia of the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea and the support of Moscow to the pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine.

Prime Minister Trudeau told these military instructors working since last summer to train their Ukrainian colleagues that Canada should continue to support the countries that are fighting for their territorial integrity and democracy. He told them that Canadians were proud of them.

The base is located about fifty kilometers from the border with Poland.

Prime Minister Trudeau did not specify, however, whether he would continue to contribute troops to train Ukrainian forces. He had also not been more forthcoming yesterday after meeting with President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in Kiev. It asked Canada to extend the stay of its military trainers after March 2017, when they should withdraw.

After addressing the troops, Prime Minister Trudeau attended joint training maneuvers military base in Valcartier and Ukraine with his eldest son, Xavier, and the Chief of Staff Canadian national Defence, General Jonathan Vance.

Mr. Trudeau returns to Canada later Tuesday.

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