Ukraine is preparing to deliver a powerful blow to Russia: “To prevent…”

Украина готовится нанести мощный удар по России: "Для предотвращения..."

Ukraine is preparing to block the vessels in all the ports occupied Crimeaand

State institution “the state hydrographic service of Ukraine” made a proposal to introduce a sensitive marine area around the temporarily occupied Crimea to prevent the entry of ships into all ports of the Peninsula, the press service of “the state hydrographic service of Ukraine”.

Украина готовится нанести мощный удар по России: "Для предотвращения..."

In the Agency noted that Russia creates and implements electronic navigational charts that cover the waters around the Ukrainian annexed Crimea.

“Such actions of the aggressor caused the duplication of maps produced in Ukraine with maps produced in Russia and posed a threat to navigation because of this overlap when using the maps in the ship’s equipment may result in unpredictable behavior of the courts and their impact. There are now 32 cases of such duplication,” the report says.

Taking this into account, “the state hydrographic service of Ukraine” urges the state authorities of Ukraine, Ukrainian and international public to join the initiative and to “protect the interests of Ukraine and save the lives of seafarers”.

“Ads of a sensitive area will give Ukraine the opportunity not only to oppose the aggressor, but also as a responsible state of law to ensure the fulfillment of obligations to the international community in several areas,” — said the head of the above mentioned companies Alexander Nutcracker.

Украина готовится нанести мощный удар по России: "Для предотвращения..."

The implementation of such initiatives will help to minimize the risks the lives of our sailors in the part of the navigation and hydrographic support and withdraw from the Ukraine responsible for any emergency events that may occur due to the actions of the aggressor country, the Russian Federation, in internal sea waters and territorial sea of Ukraine around the temporarily annexed Crimea. Will also allow you to defeat attempts of the Russians with the mapping of the specified region.

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We will remind that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to return Ukraine under its control will go on an unlimited number of killings of Ukrainians.

That opinion has been shared by the journalist Vitaly Portnikov.

Putin does not feel sorry for the Russians, the journalist said, he has his own entertainment — Crimea, motorcycles, beating protesters.

“Why does he have to be sorry for us?”, — asks he.

Vladimir Zelensky is constantly drawn to Putin’s calls to negotiate, to stop the war, stop the bloodshed — and in response to his only vysokovych, says Portnikov.

We will remind, at Zelensky told about the threats in the new Parliament.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky made a fuss in Zhitomir, surfaced the infamous footage.

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