Ukraine is a catastrophic situation with the accumulation of coal in warehouses TPP – Volynets

В Украине складывается катастрофическая ситуация с накоплением угля на складах ТЭС - Волынец

Volynets believes that the unsatisfactory situation of accumulation of coal in warehouses of thermal power plants is directly connected with problems of energy pricing

According to the leader of the miners ‘ unions, the people’s Deputy Mikhail Volynets, the situation on the eve of the heating season is a concern. It is reported by the Commander in chief.

“Whether the coal in warehouses of thermal power plants is more worried about me now, because we have already entered the autumn-winter period 2019-2020 and beyond — winter-spring period. We now have in the warehouses of thermal power plants 54% less coal than in the corresponding period last year. Last year we had the problem of accumulation of coal in the warehouses, and now it’s just a disaster,” said Volynets, the TV channel ZIK.

The MP notes that the situation should interfere with the top leadership of the state.

“If our government, the new leadership of the state President and the Parliament and the Cabinet will not join forces, we can face the fact that there are limitations of supply of electricity to companies and they stop. Will simply rolling blackouts, without warning. Innocent people get hurt. Can occur another threat is the collapse of the energy system, as blocks of thermal power plants have the unique ability of the regulatory capabilities of the nuclear power stations we can’t regulate”, — he stressed.

The leader of the Independent trade Union of miners believes that the unsatisfactory situation of accumulation of coal in warehouses of thermal power plants is directly connected with problems of energy pricing.

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“Let’s start with the coal industry and will come to pricing, because it is a question of possibility of paying salaries to miners and some financial and economic condition of the mines at the moment”, — said Volynets.

As reported, on August 19 the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky held a meeting with representatives of the Cabinet of Ministers and relevant agencies on the situation in the electricity market. The President’s representative in the Cabinet of Ministers Andrei Gerus noted the unsatisfactory preparation for the heating season in mid — August, the amount of coal in storage was 40% less than last year’s inventory.

According to information released editor-in-chief the Internet-editions “Censor” Yuri Butusov, in the course of the meeting the President found that the lowest price for imported coal is determined by the formula “Rotterdam +” — 1740 UAH/t, which is abolished as of 1 July this year.

Investigation of economic feasibility “Rotterdam +” is the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU). But coal from USA, South Africa and Colombia are much more expensive from 1800 UAH/ton. In turn, according to the official report of the state generating company “Tsentrenergo”, she plans to purchase 350 tons of coal from the Russian Federation at the price of 1970 UAH per ton from an intermediary company “Oil Force”.

According to media reports, the company “Oil Force” refers to an informal group “Privat” Igor Kolomoisky.