Ukraine has taken “hostage” of Russia, there is no escape: “we Have to make…”

Украина взяла в «заложники» Россию, выхода нет: «Придется заключать…»

One of the main Russian companies were in a “hostage” of the Ukraine, and it will manifest in the near future

This was stated by the Chairman of the Board of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) Bogdan Danilishin on his page in Facebook.

“In the short term it is clear that “Gazprom” will have to sign a contract with “Naftogaz of Ukraine” for the period after 31 December 2019 – 1.5-2 years through our gas transport system will have to pump 50-65 billion cubic meters of natural gas (annual volume). Therefore, Russia will press for Ukraine to be forced to make short-term transit contract,” he said.

Украина взяла в «заложники» Россию, выхода нет: «Придется заключать…»

Will alonim that the opinion Danylyshyn announced after it became known about the start-up delay of the pipeline “Nord stream-2” for eight months.

“If the gas pipeline “Nord stream – 2″ is launched with an eight-month delay, still going to work to full capacity will take time. So I think that the transit of Russian gas through our country in the normal amounts will be no less than fifteen years after the beginning of 2020”, — he stressed.

As previously reported, “Gazprom” can go back down and agree to continue cooperation with Ukraine. It is reported by blogger Elena Kudrenko.

31 December ends with the gas contract between Russia and Ukraine. If up to this day Russia will launch its Nord stream-2 — she will have to sign another contract with us, probably on our own terms, she writes.

“As they say Russian sources, the delay in the construction of the SP-2 over Denmark creating “anxiety, if not panic.” It’s all about the loss of funds due to delays, and the impending “end of the SCRAG”(Putin — ed.) — December 31, 2019.”, — the blogger reports.

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From the time when Denmark gives permission, you need to count 5 weeks to build. But if the first line of the pipeline will be time to build and start the work, the second — is not guaranteed, and if permission was not until the beginning of October — the draft will be impossible to finish before the 31st of December.

Украина взяла в «заложники» Россию, выхода нет: «Придется заключать…»

We will remind, in Ukraine figured out how to force Moscow to abandon the construction of “Nord stream-2”.

As reported Politeka, it became known, what would it mean for Ukraine and the EU new adventure of Putin.

Also Politeka wrote that Europe will decide the fate of Russian gas transit through Ukraine.