Ukraine has put Europe tough ultimatum: “kill”, made urgent application

Украина поставила Европе жесткий ультиматум: «убьете», сделано срочное заявление

Ukraine refuses to respect the Minsk agreements

If Germany, France and preciae States of the EU will weaken the sanctions pressure on Russia in the Council of Europe, Ukraine will not abide by the Minsk agreement.

This was stated by the head of the Ukrainian foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin.

As reported by “European truth”, the politician made an important statement in a rather tough ultimatum:

“If you go (to weaken the pressure of sanctions – ed.) as you want multiple countries, I the same day will come out and say that the “Minsk” we have not and killed him not only Russia, it killed you.

Украина поставила Европе жесткий ультиматум: «убьете», сделано срочное заявление

Every reason to do so, Ukraine has convinced Klimkin:

“If now, after Russia started to issue passports (residents of the “L/DNI” – ed.), you will take steps towards Russia – then totally collapses in General, the whole logic of what we still did.”

It is known that he was already informed about the position of Ukraine in this matter of their colleagues from Europe.

Украина поставила Европе жесткий ультиматум: «убьете», сделано срочное заявление

Recall the famous Hungarian ultra-right made a sensational statement regarding one of the Ukrainian regions.

Leader of the radical nationalist party in Hungary “Jobbik” Tomasz Schneider advocated territorial autonomy in Ukrainian Transcarpathia.

The politician said this during a private visit to Berehove district:

“In the long term a good solution would be if Transcarpathia received autonomy”.

We will remind, Putin’s occupiers with weapons rushed to the Ukrainians: the scandalous details and video.

As reported Politeka occupants killed fighter Mat and paid for it: “minus 11”, the details of the triumph in OOS.

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