Ukraine failed to Putin: a fateful decision

Украина потерпела фиаско перед Путиным: появилось судьбоносное решение

Ukraine suffered a defeat in an important international dispute against Vladimir Putin

In particular, the official Kiev lost the dispute against the Russian Federation in the world trade organization

This is stated in the official report, which was published on the portal yesterday, September 12.

Украина потерпела фиаско перед Путиным: появилось судьбоносное решение

The document States that the WTO Appellate body decided to side with Russia in a dispute with Ukraine on anti-dumping duties on Russian ammonium nitrate.

As you know, we are talking about duties on import to Ukraine of Russian crude, which in 2014 at the request of the holding Ostchem was raised three times from 11.91% to of 36.03%.

Then official Kiev explained by the fact that the gas necessary for the production of ammonium nitrate, manages to the Russian companies it is cheaper than Ukrainian. Russia has decided this step to appeal to the WTO. Since then went to arbitration, which ended not in favor of Ukraine

“The appellate body recommends that the dispute settlement Body (DSB) appealed to Ukraine with a request to bring its measures outlined in this Report and in the Report of the expert group, confirmed this Report in compliance with the anti-Dumping agreement, into conformity with its obligations under this Agreement”, – said in the report published on the official portal of the organization

Украина потерпела фиаско перед Путиным: появилось судьбоносное решение

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Previously, we reported that Vladimir Putin openly threatened the complete occupation of the Ukraine and the emergence on the territory of our country the new occupation of “republics”. Their sick fantasies in the air of propaganda channel “Russia 1” voiced one of the main adherents of the Kremlin Vladimir Solovyov, who openly supports the Russian aggression in Ukraine

On a talk show a fake Ukrainian expert Alexander Okhrimenko, who is a frequent guest of advocates of the Russian Federation, began to promote the idea of the need for Russia’s recognition of the “L/DNR” allegedly for the sake of Ukraine from the Abkhazian scenario.

It would be nice to Putin recognized the “DNR” and “LNR”, and included in the Eurasian Union. The Abkhaz version! Yes, indeed, it would solve a lot of economic problems. I think at some point the Russian government will come to this and to conclude a Treaty of friendship, economic cooperation and so on. This will be, but not tomorrow, not the day after, and after some time,” said the alleged “Ukrainian expert” Okhrimenko.

Then Vladimir Solovyov caught on the last sentence Okhrimenko and began to RUB his threats about large-scale occupation of Ukraine by Russian troops.

Recall Zelensky immediately appealed to Putin in the Donbas was the worst.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky said the main mistake, the mistake can be fatal.

Also Politeka wrote that surfaced the dirty secret of the team Zelensky: what journalists saw in the office of the President.