Ukraine faces a devastating disaster: “the radiation will cover the whole of Europe”

Украине грозит разрушительная катастрофа: "радиация накроет всю Европу"

Irresponsible actions in the Donbass may lead to emission of radiation, and kill thousands of people

The Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov raised a panic because of the radiation threat that looms over all of Europe. According to him, if Ukrainians find themselves in the midst of a fatal catastrophe.

The actions of the Russian invaders can cause devastating effects in the Donbas and beyond. Now five cities in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions are on the verge of ecological disaster. As it turned out, in 1979, under the city Bunge Soviet authorities staged a powerful nuclear explosion. In the depths because of the blast of energy appeared radioactive glass capsule containing hazardous isotopes of cesium and strontium. If the shell is destroyed, the radiation will penetrate into the groundwater. They will spread the deadly substance over a vast territory. Will cover dozens of countries in Europe.

Украине грозит разрушительная катастрофа: "радиация накроет всю Европу"

The terrorists not only do not save, but inadvertently worsen the situation. As reported by the OSCE representatives, in the spring of 2018 Bunge mounted pumps for pumping water. Experts suggest that after a few years, radioactive water will dilute the soil and seeping into the nearest river and from there to the sea of Azov and the Black sea.

In addition, in the village of Novgorod in the Donetsk region there are phenolic plant, which discharges into a septic hazardous chemicals. The attacks that occurred in 2014, damaged a dyke protecting a local river from harmful substances. If the design does not stand, the flow of chemicals will go straight to the sea of Azov.

Украине грозит разрушительная катастрофа: "радиация накроет всю Европу"

Meanwhile, the city of Dolinsk in the Luhansk region is in danger of becoming a lifeless desert due to the hydrogen sulfide permeating into the air from smoldering dumps. The concentration of hazardous gas in the city has already exceeded the normal levels by 45 times. And in Gorlovka, the mine water may at any time be in a city water system, and totally poison its salts and heavy metals. During the occupation, the mine water level has risen from 1.5 km up to 400 meters.

Donetsk may also suffer because of the disaster. As a result, flooding of the local mines the soil under the city dipped to an average of 25 cm, and in some areas up to 92 see “the Earth moves not only around the heaps of the dying mines, but also in settlements”, — said Arsen Avakov. — “The threat of a manmade disaster covers almost all the territory in which it is mined the coal.”

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