Ukraine “beat” Russia in the global rating details

Украина "уделала" Россию в мировом рейтинге: подробности

Ukrainian passport is significantly ahead of Russia in the international ranking

This became known after publishing it in the Passport Index 2019. As you know, Ukrainian passport opens more opportunities to travel the world than the Russian.

It should be noted that Ukrainians have the opportunity to visit without a visa from 133 countries: 91 without a visa and 41 with a visa on arrival in the country. However, at the same time, you need a visa to citizens of Ukraine for traveling to 66 countries.

Украина "уделала" Россию в мировом рейтинге: подробности

As can be seen in the rating of this rating, Ukraine occupies the 24th place which separates the two countries — Mauritania and Paraguay. But the Russian Federation is in 37th place with Georgia. The citizens of these States without visas can visit 117 countries. Moldova ranks 40th (visa-free in 113 countries), Belarus turned out to be Ms. 54 the spot (visa-free in 80 countries).

The ranking is led by the UAE with opportunities to travel to 171 countries without a visa, second place is shared by Luxembourg, Finland, Germany and Spain — the citizens of these countries can travel without visas for up to 167 countries of the world.

Украина "уделала" Россию в мировом рейтинге: подробности

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine can become a strategic partner of the famous American space Agency NASA. This became known after the statement of the Director of NASA’s Breidenstine, which held an official meeting with the Us space Agency NASA with the Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States Valeriy Chaly. “Jim Breidenstein thanked Ukraine for its support for space initiatives and NASA confirmed the interest in attracting Ukrainian companies to participate in space missions”, — reported on the website of the Embassy in Facebook. It was also reported that between the US and Ukraine were due to a number of issues on the intended future cooperation between the two countries in the field of exploration of outer space for peaceful purposes.

Established three years ago working Ukrainian-American group will get a new start for their activities. In addition, the page reported that the meeting between Chaly and Breidenstine it was about the preparations for the signing of an intergovernmental agreement on cooperation and use of outer space for peaceful purposes.

We will remind that Ukraine signed a contract with Russia on the Azov sea.

As reported Politeka in the Russian-Ukrainian border to reinforce security to protect Ukraine.

Also Politeka wrote that Ukraine has found the “replacement” MARUV the Eurovision song contest.