Ufologists have discovered a new UFO near the Sun

One of the latest videos satellite captured a large UFO, which for some time was in incredible proximity to the Sun.

Against the background of a growing number of witnesses of UFO sightings on Earth, ufologists are experts and Amateurs engaged in serious monitoring of outer space. One of the last videos of the satellite among flares and magnetic arcs were seen of large size object. He was not like any other of the known celestial bodies.

Experts recalled the case six years ago, when several Russian scientists noticed the solar activity of unknown objects. They turned in different directions, dropping sharply and gained incredible speed and stayed in one place for a long time. Seen in November of this year UFO made like refueling or tried to extract a unique element from the composition of the star. In any case, say the ufologists, alien technology is significantly more advanced earth, because none of our rocket did not fly up to a Star.

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