UFO filmed near Moon UFO

American UFO researcher, was on YouTube under the nickname Streetcap1 reported the discovery provided by the aerospace Agency of the United States, NASA pictures of the moon an unidentified flying object aliens. Users dubbed seen by the satellite “Black knight”, flying in space for the past 13 thousand years.

According to the American ufologist, captured them near the moon unknown flying object blue is another irrefutable proof of the existence of alien life. Streetcap1 also once again accused of compatriots from space Agency NASA of intentionally concealing information for the existence of humanoids.

As noted by netizens discovered by American UFO researcher, the UFO can be a mystical satellite “Black knight”, which is supposedly for the last 13 thousand years crisscrossing the vastness of space. Skeptical to such statements of UFO experts in the field of space called the allegations made by Streetcap1 “fairy tale for adults.”

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