Uber: Jacques Daoust tabled its bill on the taxi industry

vertu-projet-loi-100-gouvernementThe Minister of Transport, Jacques Daoust, filed Thursday a bill to respond to the arrival of the technology platform Uber in the taxi industry.

In the House, Mr. Daoust said the bill will change the framing of the industry now, however, the principle of a single legal framework for transport by taxi.

The text specifies the transport activities of people who are not taxi services and does not have to be subject to the act, the minister said.

Under Bill 100, the rates could vary from a town to another, “according to the transport service categories.”

The Quebec Transport Commission would also have the possibility of setting tariffs that depending on the day or time.

The price of a race can vary depending on the technological means used to make the taxi demand, says the preamble of the draft law 100.

The government has the power to determine the number of administrative centers and the maximum of taxi permits that may be issued in each.

Each distribution company should offer at any time of services in the territory of any urban area it serves.

All customers should be able to assess the quality of services rendered by the holder of a taxi driver’s permit.

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