Tymoshenko ally caught drunk driving mother-in-law of the machine: “You lo*and complete”

Соратник Тимошенко попался пьяным за рулем тещиной машины: "Вы ло*и полные"

Former MP Skosarev Igor was detained drunk in the car on the Metropolitan highway in Kiev with the pursuit

The former MP was travelling on a car his mother-in Audi A8, if it was the series “BP” – those issued to deputies of the Verkhovna Rada, without the right to transfer to third parties. Former MP could not explain how his mother was a schoolteacher working on a car and got these numbers.

Former MP tried to bribe the patrol with an unspecified amount of dollars after the demonstration Deputy certificates “don’t work.” After the failed attempts of bribery Skosarev Igor tried to escape, but was arrested.

The body of the driver found 2.39 ppm alcohol (allowable rate — 0.2).

“Guys I was there he offered $ 300 and the guys from Cobra didn’t take the money !!!”- wrote one user under the post.

This video, which is located at the end of the news, recorded it the drunken ex-Deputy. His inappropriate behavior is accompanied by curses and insults the cops.

The only censorship that he told the police — “You Fuckers!”.

Соратник Тимошенко попался пьяным за рулем тещиной машины: "Вы ло*и полные" Соратник Тимошенко попался пьяным за рулем тещиной машины: "Вы ло*и полные"

Earlier Skosarev Igor told the press that he had paid a certain sum of money to get the mandate of people’s Deputy. Money he took, and at the same time, according to press reports, were not returned. On the fact of bribery 5 years ago, criminal proceedings were opened, but no data on the investigation yet.

Note, in 2012 Kosar was elected people’s Deputy from “Batkivshchyna”. He later told reporters that in the 58 place in the list of “Batkivshchyna” paid $ 6 million.

Together with “regionals” and Communists became one of the 148 deputies of the Ukrainian Parliament, which was signed dictated from Moscow an appeal to the Sejm of the Republic of Poland with a request to recognize the genocide of poles in Volhynia in the years 1942-1944.

In 2013, came from the faction all-Ukrainian Union “Fatherland”.

And recently drunk Deputy made a terrible traffic accident in Kyiv region.

The accident occurred on may 6, on a stretch of road between the city of Yahotyn and the village Sotnykivka. The driver of the car “Chevrolet Niva”, driving drunk, drove into the oncoming lane, where collided with the motorcycle “Jawa”.

In the accident the driver and passenger of a motorcycle, the villagers Sotnykivka, from traumatized died on the spot.

Recall that the famous Ukrainian singer crashed in an accident.

As reported Politeka, the bus crashed in the accident, dozens killed: more details and photos of the tragedy.

Also Politeka wrote that 16-year-old at his father’s Mazda knocked down and killed young girls.