Two Zelensky was spotted during an official meeting: “one ran away from Tymoshenko,” footage of the escape

Сразу двух Зеленских засекли на официальной встрече: «один убегал с Тимошенко», кадры побега

During the annual forum YES (Yalta European strategy) came counterpart Vladimir Zelensky and Yulia Tymoshenko

About it reports “24 channel”.

“In the evening YES-2019 participants’ 95th quarter. As it turned out, they scheduled the speech before the participants of the closed part of the forum. Video double Zelensky, who tries to laugh off the questions of our journalists and the woman in the image of Yulia Tymoshenko”, — stated in the message.

As previously reported, Vladimir Zelensky September 13, made in Kiev on 16 the forum “Yalta European strategy” (YES). Traditionally, it was not no joke, despite the seriousness of those who have touched the President.

“I have prepared here it is. You see, little one,” began Zelensky, flipping through numerous pages of text. The room began to laugh.

Note, he spoke without a prompter.

“If I’m happy that I’m President? I’m not sure. But I’m happy to be the President of Ukraine”, — he said. Audience greeted this revelation with applause.

Then Zelensky took the microphone, went off the scene and began to interview the participants of the forum about “what to them means happiness.”

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“It’s like improvisation. We love improvisation in Ukraine, so we are lucky,” said he, again poveselil room.

“Many said that “happiness is family”. But I will say the words his son that happiness is when daddy comes back, when I’m still awake,” said Zelensky after a short survey of the audience.

He also recalled why I went for the presidency.

“You know, a lot of people frankly very much surprised, why am I going into politics. I said, “you’re mean, you’re a lucky man.” It is not so. Because true happiness cannot be the sole. And unbearable to live in when you’re uncomfortable because you’re happy. You’re just uncomfortable with their happiness. The fact that you brought up in your family that you have earned your difficulty. But the fact that deliberately emphasizes the misfortune of many people who live around you who are living with you in one country.

Сразу двух Зеленских засекли на официальной встрече: «один убегал с Тимошенко», кадры побега

Recall, a rebellion against Zelensky crossed the border, “Servants of the people” could not resist: “the mandate on the table.”

As reported Politeka, Zelensky was struck by a breakthrough in talks with Putin: “This is a big victory.”

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky met with an important ally Ukraine made a fateful decision.