Two-year-old strangled his mother: the tragedy could have been avoided details

Двухлетний ребенок задушил свою мать: трагедии можно было избежать, подробности

Terrible event occurred in Belarus with a two-year child and his mother

So, a two year old child accidentally killed his mother. In the Republic of Belarus actively discussing the tragedy that has occurred. The investigation revealed the possible cause of the death of his mother. Writes about this edition of the Belarusian Sputnik.

Двухлетний ребенок задушил свою мать: трагедии можно было избежать, подробности

It is learned that the deceased Charcot Julia child and her husband came to the village stare Selo. They wanted to visit their relatives. The woman tried to get from the car of a baby through an open window of the left passenger door. But the child accidentally pressed the window, and the woman was trapped.

To cope on their own with window at the woman failed and she lost consciousness. Next, there was no one who would be the moment could help her. She lost consciousness.

The death was not immediately. The husband of the victim found her in that position at about 16:30 PM. He called the ambulance, the medical team arrived and took the girl to the hospital.

Двухлетний ребенок задушил свою мать: трагедии можно было избежать, подробности

The girl never regained consciousness and after a week died. The Brest investigative Committee has decided to inspect all whether it was really. The facts were confirmed and the Prosecutor’s office stated that it was an accident.

“According to preliminary data, the woman tried to get two year old daughter from the interior of the car through the open window. Perhaps at this point, the girl pressed a button window”, — quotes the edition of the official representative of the office of Dmitry Ivaniuk.

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