Two were found dead in a boarding house: “killed by arrows”, the details of a mysterious tragedy

Трупы нашли в пансионате: "убили стрелами", детали таинственной трагедии

A terrible massacre has stunned local law enforcement

This writes the news portal 24.

It is reported that a terrible tragedy occurred in the South of the country.

Трупы нашли в пансионате: "убили стрелами", детали таинственной трагедии

As you know, in the German city of Passau (lower Bavaria) there was a resonant crime: in one of the local guest houses were found the bodies of three people. Local security officials scratching their heads over who is the culprit of the tragedy.

The victims were two women and a man who settled in the ill-fated boarding house the day before the mysterious murder and had planned to spend the next three days. The next day the maid came across three corpses in the room.

Local media noted that on the site of the massacre, the security forces found two crossbow, and the bodies of victims found arrows. The main version of the murder — the conflict between people, which occurred the massacre. However, law enforcers do not exclude that the room could be a fourth unknown, which dealt with people.

It is known that the dead are 53-year-old man and two women, aged 33 and 30 years. The victims are citizens of Germany and they came to the boarding house from different cities.

Трупы нашли в пансионате: "убили стрелами", детали таинственной трагедии

Earlier it was reported that a terrible massacre of the girl happened right in the supermarket. This is stated in the report, published in the Telegram-channel Lifeshot. It is reported that the attacker stabbed his victim 20 times with a knife in the neck and stomach, but none of the visitors and employees of the supermarket did not dare to help the girl.

As you know, the brutal murder happened in one of the Russian supermarkets “Pyaterochka”. It turned out that it wasn’t a robbery, because the killer knew his victim because she was his neighbor and they often clashed.

“The killer hard-drinking and are constantly staged at night discos, unscrewing the speakers at full capacity. The girl did not just call the police and even threatened to write to the lover’s statement,” say, rossm.

Recall that the “murderer was at liberty”: details of the scandal of the murder of the security guard Poroshenko.

As reported Politeka, on the Baptism of the inhabitant of Nikolaev brutally murdered with ex-husband, who came to visit her for the occasion.

Also Politeka wrote that Ukrainians are scared of the murder of a chef: now we have to keep quiet so as not slaughtered.