Two suspected smugglers released

yvon-laprise-pourrait-voir-deux (1)Yvon Laprise and Michel Roy, the two alleged drug traffickers from Lac-Kénogami, resumed their freedom, but under severe conditions.

Judge Michel Boudreault, the Court of Quebec, endorsed on Monday the conditions demanded by Mr. Michaël Bourget, of the Criminal and Penal Prosecutions.

Laprise, 73, and Roy, 60, were arrested last Wednesday during a police operation conducted by the Public Safety Saguenay in collaboration with the Sûreté du Québec, at their respective residence of the 442 and the 450 road Founders, in Lac-Kénogami.

The police had then discovered over 650 marijuana plants and over 14 kilograms of cannabis in both houses. The estimated value on the black market is more than $ 965,000.

Their solicitor, Ms. Gitane Smith had deferred for release investigation Monday.


The two men were able to regain their freedom with a commitment of $ 1000 (with deposit) and another $ 500 no deposit from a third party.

Laprise and Roy can also no longer communicate with each other and are subject to customary conditions of release.

The record of the two men will continue on 12 July.

foreclosures homes

By this time, the prosecution will try to advance the entry procedures of the two residences owned by Yvon Laprise.

The two individuals have the right to go to their house once to retrieve their belongings under police supervision.

Mr. Bourget has already meant that a minimum sentence of twelve months is expected to Laprise and eighteen months for Roy (he used the basement of the co-accused for growing marijuana plants) is convicted .

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