Two new doctors Acton Health coop

bien-quil-voie-bon-oeil(Acton) The promise of the Minister of Health, Gaetan Barrette, to grant two GPs in Acton is on track to be realized. Indeed, two new graduates in medicine to come into position at the Acton Health Cooperative. One should begin in July and another in September.

Accessibility to primary care is a problem crying in the Acton area for almost a decade. Created in 2009, the health coop should remedy the situation. But the organization barely keeping their heads above water, lack of doctors. The loss of three general practitioners by August presaged the worst.

The Prefect of the MRC of Acton, Jean-Marie Laplante, along with the mayor of the municipality, Éric Charbonneau, and the CEO of the health coop, Nicole Saulnier, then sounded the alarm, calling for quick action Quebec to stop the bleeding. The grievances of the “Team Acton” were heard by Gaétan Barrette, who walked in last February folder. “So far, the health minister keeps his word. We recently met two graduating in medicine. They are waiting with open arms !, launched in interview Mr. Laplante. It’s not perfect but it is a partial victory for the region. ”

mammoth task

Since last December, the service of “no appointment” is no longer available in Acton due to the shortage of doctors. With the departure of three general practitioners in the region have more than four, one of them practicing in Upton. Mr. Laplante do not foresee that the problem is resolved in the medium term. “It’s good to have two new doctors. But they will not experience arriving. And alone, health coop will have a waiting list of about 3,000 patients. They can see about 125 people a month and gradually build their list up to 1,500 patients each. It is far from the Gap, “he illustrated.


The Prefect of the MRC believes that the ratio of one doctor per 1,500 people, for a total of 10 for the territory, remains “indispensable” to adequately meet the needs of the population. The “battle is far from over” to provide primary care in the region, said Mr. Laplante. “In addition to the rapid arrival of two doctors, Dr. Barrette said that the MRC would have a year from 2017 until it reaches normal proportion. We will hound the second to fit his promise. ”

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