Two men survived the crash of a seaplane on the North Shore

hydravion-pas-appareil-implique-accidentTwo men fared virtually unharmed after the crash of a seaplane Friday morning on the North Shore.

The Surete du Quebec (SQ) of the Manicouagan RCM received a call around 11 am 30 to report the incident in the area of ​​the Riviere-aux-Outardes.

The device would have crashed around 9 am near the 30 kilometer 332 of Provincial Road 389.

A helicopter of the Canadian Forces Base Bagotville had to be deployed to get the two men. It had not happened earlier this afternoon.

The two men in question argue not to be injured, but they will still be subjected to a medical examination when the military will come to their rescue.

An investigation by the Surete du Quebec is underway. The two men will eventually be interrogated by investigators.

The Office of the Canadian Transportation Safety Board (TSB) will be responsible for making the necessary expertise on the seaplane. The TSB will then produce its own investigation report.

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