Twisted Sister Rockfest shoot a rain of criticism

chanteur-dee-groupe-twister-sisterDee Snider and his henchmen of the heavy metal Twisted Sister formation have obviously not enjoyed their experience in Montebello when crossing the Amnesia Rockfest, June 24, those who were in their last visit to Canada as part of their farewell tour.

In a comprehensive letter published June 30 on the www.twistedsister.com website and signed by Twisted Sister tour blogger, Armadillo Terry, the New York group pulls no punches and literally Finally Snaps to the organization led by Alex Martel.

Note that the comments were deleted from the canvas early in the afternoon on Tuesday after several media have got hold of their content.

The Amnesia Rockfest therefore passes through the wringer of Twisted Sister who was big on heart after his getaway montebellois ground. “It would be hard to find a better festival that bears his name as Amnesia: the festival we want to forget,” could be read on the page in question.

The quintet has even renamed the “Amnesia Shitfest” event (crappy festival) in particular denouncing the 2:30 bus ride between Montreal and Montebello, the safety of the rear stage, the pontoon shuttle system between the Château Montebello and the marina, too small size of the lodge, lack of food offered before the performance and size of the stage on which they performed. A scene they described as the size of a “plate for mammography gnats” in comparison to that of “decent-sized” which had the right Blink-182, and Korn, to name a few.

In addition, the sexagenarian rockers, currently 40 years buckle the loop with their career tour Forty And Fuck It, claimed to have suggested to the organizers to play for an hour, a request that was rejected. It’s finally 45 minutes that were allocated to them, as was stated in the contract.

The legendary group known for her hits I Wanna Rock and We’re Not Gonna Take It flays the festival for him disrespected by unplugging the microphone to her too quickly singer, who was about to greet his Canadian fans.

“For children. It was Twisted Sister, playing for the last time ever in Canada, not only we did not have the respect to let us play the last song (which lasts two minutes), but also was cut Dee who was in the process to say ‘thank you and good evening,’ “it is written.

At the end of the letter, rather it is recommended to Canadian festival goers to visit the Heavy Montreal next year. “Worst. Festival. Forever, “written in reference to the Twisted Sister Rockfest.

The replica Rockfest

It is in written form that the Rockfest countered the attacks of Twisted Sister, late Tuesday afternoon.

The president and founder of the event, Alex Martel, did not want to be interviewed about it, did we informed the law.

In a statement, it was, nevertheless, “surprised” and “disappointed” to read such comments. The festival team has also contacted the training that has decided to withdraw its blog site, it said in the response of Rockfest.

“In 11 years of the festival, I had never seen such a situation. No member of their team had contacted me during the festival, or after, to tell me about anything; we are always open to constructive criticism and improvement, “says Martel.

It says respect this “legendary” even if he disagrees with their statements and the manner in which they took the means to express themselves.

“I would have replied by telling the other side of the story as there are always two sides to a coin. I could explain how a festival with 130 bands in 2 days and the many efforts to accommodate all of them rather than favoring one of them. I could have explained that the groups receive all the information regarding the reception of weeks in advance and there was no surprise in operations or the geographical reality of the place. I could also name the hundreds of bands satisfied with their experience year after year, “said Mr. Martel.

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