Twins-seer from the United States made a prediction for 2018

Terry and Linda Jamison, known worldwide as the twins-the visionaries say they are possessed by ghosts that take control of their hands and write creepy messages. Thus, they made forecasts for the next year.

They claim to have foreseen the September 11 attacks and communicate with dead celebrities such as Princess Diana and Michael Jackson. And this year they predicted a lot of events – from terrorist attacks in Las Vegas, new York and London before the earthquake in Mexico and hurricane Irma.
Now they have published their forecasts for next year. Women expect that the new year will be the same Wake of the events of 2017, such as scandals of sexual harassment, mass cyber attacks, and various disasters. In addition, they alarmingly predicted wave of terrorist attacks IG* throughout Europe.

* The organization was prohibited in the territory of the Russian Federation decision of the Supreme court

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