twinning program SERY: families sought

stephanie-bazinet-droite-photo-recherche(Granby) Regional Ethnic Solidarity of the Yamaska ​​(SERY) is short of match families to newcomers. The organization calls upon all volunteers to replenish its bank to help and support immigrants in their first months in Granby and region.

The pairing is now part of the services SERY arrival at Granby. “It is the Syrian wave which prompted us to start the match, but we realized that it was very beneficial, so we continue for all families, says Stephanie Bazinet, head of the French language. We do it automatically now. Of course we talk about them before, but all accept. It takes someone showing them what is happening in the city of Granby. ”

Since January, 25 families were matched with Quebecers, while a thirty families from here proposed. However, because of the summer holidays, the five families still on the list can not commit until September.

“I understand them, says Ms. Bazinet. In the first months of the twinning, they must make two visits per week. They are absolutely right. […] If I twin and a family that goes three weeks it does not work. There who spend their holidays here and it does not mind at all being matched them. I prefer to be honest and they tell me if they plan to leave. […] Apart from these five families there, my buddy bank is zero. It takes new twins to invest with new families arriving. ”

Now that the project has proven, Ms. Bazinet hope there will be a constant turnover in Quebec twins bank so that all newcomers can benefit from the knowledge and of people’s home here.

Since June 8, four families arrived in Granby, but still waiting for their twins. A fifth arrives next week. Maritza, his four children and his little son are among those families waiting. Whether to learn about the local culture, get personalized help when needed, practice French, discover the key places of Granby or simply make friends with whom to discuss the twinning program is desired by the Colombian family.

“I’m meeting with the twins and, for them, it is a rewarding experience, says Stephanie Bazinet. They learn the true values ​​of life. When you meet the families of Quebec twins, they say it’s a great opportunity to have someone beside them to help them and that makes them explore the city. If they have a small question, they do not have to make an appointment with their provider. They know where to turn. I recommend pairing all immigration agencies. ”

Some organizations with the same mission as SERY also adopted a similar program.

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