Twelve works undertaken at Alma College

seulement-alice-tremblay-montre-aideBy calling their exposure Bleach Party, submitted until May 13 at the gallery from Alma College, the 12 graduates in computer arts and technology (ATI) announced from the outset that their achievements would be broken, but there was no indication they would wear much claims also.

Suspended in the center of the room, a very present work breaks the visitor’s journey. A little boy, drawn so hyperrealist lead and charcoal on a wooden canvas, pouts. You have to go across to see those pretty blue eyes actually belong to the controversial US politician Donald Trump. The artist Lili Fortin made and reflect on the impact of education and social class on the paths of men, all so “innocent” at a young age.

Next door, the huge colorful portrait by Gabrielle Gobeil attracts attention. The student has completed all work for a monk to expose condensed 7.3 billion. Like a mosaic, the disturbing face is composed of a myriad of pieces of recycled cardboard, which manage to convey the emotions of the subject. His black curls plastic bags have an actual relief if the visitor wants to spend his fingers. The waste backstory shows residues of consumption can also have an aesthetic value or useful, instead of polluting the environment.

This theme has also inspired Cynthia Lindsay-Plamondon, who decided instead to present the litter immersing an imposing concrete slab in Artifice. The schoolgirl adds a multimedia technique, a significant share of ATI program, projecting a multicolored filter on his work, which is a metaphor of insights into society.

The video is also integrated in the system named Trouble Joëlle Gobeil, but more disturbing way. By standing in front of a transparent plate where three interwoven silhouettes of a man upset were painted, the visitor will see through not her reflection, but his back, a view rather unusual. An ingenious camera system films the indeed behind, and the images are projected in real time on a canvas before, to integrate the whole person in the work that raises awareness of mental illness.

Other great finds enhance the visit. Beauty plastic Zoé Bergeron, a table made of cosmetics, puts into perspective the self-esteem of women. With nails and a wire 132 meters, the exact height of the tallest tree grown on Earth and then be shot, Claudie Mathieu denounces the destruction of nature by embroidering a forest on wood logs. UNLESS / Unless otherwise represents the Alma College in intercollegiate Visual Arts Festival.

The following Artworks embrace other causes, such as the extinction of animals deplored by Alice in Tremblay If only, or show more personal facets of the artist, as Elizabeth H. Fortin who reproduced the ten buildings where she At lived with 19 places from here.

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