Turmoil in PrivatBank, Ukrainians massively withdraw money: what’s going on

Переполох в ПриватБанке, украинцы массово забирают деньги: что происходит

Public Privat catastrophic losses over the past two months

This was stated by Deputy Chairman of PrivatBank Anna Samarina, reports UBR

According to her, the turmoil in PrivatBank, which is associated with the decision of the District administrative court about recognition of illegal nationalization of the Bank, led to the fact that clients began EN masse to withdraw money from the accounts.

Переполох в ПриватБанке, украинцы массово забирают деньги: что происходит

In particular, as stated by Anna Samarina, after this court ruling, the Ukrainians withdrew from their accounts in different currencies to almost 8 billion UAH. This amount twice from the one voiced in PrivatBank two weeks ago.

Then Deputy head of the Board Galyna Pahachuk said that in April and may of 2019, clients withdrew from their accounts, about $137 million and €27 million

Samarina in communication with reporters said that PrivatBank has experienced the outflow of deposits in the amount of UAH 8 billion ($303 million) in various currencies.

“Today we managed to recover some, but we have not returned to previous levels,” she said.

Member of the Supervisory Board of PrivatBank Artem Shuvalov, in turn, noted that the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky supported the correctness of the decision on the nationalization of the Bank and made a strong statement about the need to protect the interests of taxpayers.

“The new President’s team did not interfere in the activities PrivatBank”, – he stressed.

Переполох в ПриватБанке, украинцы массово забирают деньги: что происходит

Previously, we reported that PrivatBank disgraced with the theft of money from the account. In particular, she told them how her mother-in-law accounts in PrivatBank fraudulently withdrew all the funds.

“My mother-in-law artifice was charged. Credit amount was all that repaid the entire loan. The card was for emergencies. As a result of blocking of the numbers of the company Vodafone and the transfer to the new SIM card. Privat24 was hacked and charged not only with credit cards but the is a salary card. Increased credit limit and taken installment total amount total is 70,000 UAH. All money transferred to the Bank. And here already nobody knows anything”, — she explained

According to a client, they immediately wrote a statement to the security service, the NBU and the Prosecutor, but PrivatBank shifted blame it on mother-in-law

“In turn PrivatBank accused of fraud and threats coming in every day, but of the hearing the Bank’s representatives are not. Yes, you are just deceiving people. If we started a court case, then, please, report to courtroom”, she concluded.

Recall, the PrivatBank can accept insolvent.

As reported Politeka, PrivatBank will launch an unusual feature.

Also Politeka wrote that Kolomoisky announced their plans for the Privat.