About two dozen years he lived normally, we can say soul to soul. Anyway over the years of living together, but this event surpassed all expectations – husband called her another name. He remembered that before he returned home later.

Suspicious, but the smell of alcohol is not really felt. He said — I had with a colleague a beer, long time no see. And now to you — my wife called some other name. Immediately remembered how was mumbling in her sleep her name.

“Lena no, please Klavka not understand”.

“Think of it – I wanted this slut to bring home, and I like a fool believed him,” thought Claudius, the rest of the night and in the morning went to his mother, leaving him a note.

Woke up later than usual. Calls her husband, and one is not. Scratching your beer belly came into the kitchen. Drinking water. Sees a note on the table:

“I can’t take it anymore. Went to mom”.

“Said nothing and left. Well. Will bring Lin home for a few days,” quickly realized the plans for the weekend Sergey.

Saturday. Evening. The balcony is open. Serge reads, next to Lina’s sleeping.

“Tomorrow will need to clean up all traces of that Klavka not suspected,” not looking up from his reading, thought Sergei.

Suddenly Lina jumps up and runs to the balcony.

— Rap like thug in the manner of Sergey says, and she stares at him, — I’ll buy the disc.

What? What are you going to buy? This slut in our house? Now I her face scratched.

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Serge shrank into a chair, not knowing what to do. Knew wife sometimes harsh, but this case was special. The first time he got caught. And for who? Spouse.

Klavka shoes bursts into the room and yelling like crazy.

— Where is she?

— On the balcony.

Klavka runs to the balcony and sees a beautiful red-haired cat.

Hello! she says to the cat, and her husband, — what didn’t you say that beauty has resulted.

— So you didn’t ask.

“Exactly,” smiled Claudia.

Since Sergei lived among the favorite, and Klavka realized that trust is an interesting thing, which she sometimes lacks.

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