Trump was going to resume contacts with the defense Ministry

After the meeting, Putin and trump in Helsinki, the Pentagon chief James Mattis is open to talks with his Russian counterpart Sergei Shoigu.

У Трампа собрались возобновить контакты с Минобороны РФ

This is with reference to its sources in the defense Ministry of the USA, reports Reuters.

The defense Ministers of the two countries have not talked to 2015, when the aggravation of relations between Moscow and Washington has reached its climax.

According to media reports, Mattis made it clear that he is ready to start talks with Shoigu on the phone or even personally — but the this opportunity is not actively looking.

Officially the Pentagon at the request of the Agency said that so far not received any proposal from Moscow on the negotiations — “despite the remark Shoigu last week, Mattis rejected such a proposal”.

Note that at the meeting of the presidents of Russia and USA in Helsinki, Putin said that the need to restore military contacts between the two countries. And trump said that “our military in Syria get along better than politicians”.

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