Trump stopped the action “open skies” policy with Russia

Трамп остановил действие «открытого неба» с Россией

The United States froze the Treaty with Russia on open skies.

The US government has taken the decision to suspend cooperation with Russia in the framework of the Treaty on open skies, pursuant to the provisions of the defence budget of the States, signed by President Donald trump. This is stated in paragraph 1242 of the document.

“None of the funds may not be used for funding in the 2019 budget year for the development, testing… in the framework of the open skies Treaty, while the President does not submit to the appropriate congressional committees an appropriate certificate”, – stated in the text.

It also emphasizes that under the certificate means the removal of restrictions from the Russian side after the evaluation of the fulfilment of its clauses.

Responsible for evaluating appointed Secretary of state.

Note, the open skies Treaty was signed by representatives of 23 member countries of the OSCE on 24 March 1992 in Helsinki. According to the document, the participants can fly around the territory to monitor military activities.

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