Trump on investigations on RF interference in the election: It’s a shame

The President did not like that the Democrats have funded the investigation against him.

The US President Donald trump called it shameful the fact of an investigation regarding the interventions of Russia in the American elections and allegations of his ties with Moscow. The head of state said in an interview with Fox News.

“This dossier is completely fake and looks like a novel, it was a shame there was no need for him to start. And then I hear the amount of money spent by the Democrats. I think it is shameful that such a thing could happen,” said trump.

The President reminded that the Democrats on the $ 9 million funded the investigation, which resulted in the publication of the dossier on the relationship of trump and his entourage with Russia.

Recall that trump said on Twitter that I’ve never seen such “anger and unity” among Republicans about the lack of investigation of how Hillary Clinton has collected on his false dossier and encouraged to “do something” with it.

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