Trump is ready to support Zelensky, putting forward conditions: “if Only…”

Трамп готов поддержать Зеленского, выдвинув условия: "Только если..."

The lawyer of the President of the United States of America Donald trump Rudolph Giuliani was supposed to fly to Kiev, but canceled the trip for fear to get in the company of people who are enemies of the United States

Giuliani stressed that the environment of the newly elected President Zelensky is a person recognized involved in helping Democrats during the election campaign in the United States in 2016, according to informants.

Трамп готов поддержать Зеленского, выдвинув условия: "Только если..."

Political analyst Denis Gaevsky noted that it would be a woman, but he distanced himself from the team of Vladimir Zelensky before second round of presidential elections.

“He’s not the person who can influence the decision-making Zelensky,” assured the analyst.

“I think it is obvious that Ukraine is in the deep periphery of the interests of US foreign policy, and the trump foreign policy special interest with the exception of China and the European Union, and all the rest – as it will.” — said Denis Gayevsky.

After the agreement was reached between trump and Putin in 2017, the US, almost not climb in the internal political life of Ukraine. In these presidential elections, they do not comment on what is happening.

Dmitry Korniychuk expressed his opinion about the fact that Vladimir Zelensky, as President, will receive the support of America only if you will follow their rules:

Трамп готов поддержать Зеленского, выдвинув условия: "Только если..."

“The rejection of the arrival of Giuliani is a signal that Zelensky is not a puppet of Washington. As talked about Poroshenko is that he is a creature of the US state Department. The administration of the tramp clearly shows that they are willing to work and help Zelensky, but only if his team will not be people Pinchuk.”

Note that the distancing from the team of Vladimir Zelensky Leshchenko – man Pinchuk.

Recall that Pinchuk does not hide his sympathy for the Democratic party of the United States that the Republicans can’t inspire.

But Pinchuk with all his strength and means supported Zelensky campaign during the presidential elections. And now Pinchuk wants to get their piece of the pie, like Kolomoisky, by the way.

“States have made it clear that if Zelensky wants “and our and your” to do that in the future, then it won’t work. I hope that Zelensky is already understood”, — commented Dmitriy Korneychuk.

Recall Zelensky attacked in the cafe and pricked, there was a video: the reaction of the servants is striking.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky suddenly turned to Poroshenko: “I beg you, turn the key”.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky has lost “95 Quarter”: an urgent statement from the President’s team.