Trump in a panic rushed to Zelensky : “at stake is the fate….”

Трамп в панике кинулся к Зеленскому : "на кону судьба...."

The attempt by Vladimir Zelensky quickly to break into the big game can turn into a failure

This opinion was expressed by the co-founder and Director of economic programs, Ukrainian Institute for the Future Amelin.

“Brzezinski wrote that “Russia without Ukraine — not an Empire”. But today events are moving so that trump almost without Ukraine, not the President,” he writes.

As you know, in the next weeks it is likely the meeting of Vladimir Zelensky and trump. It will be held in Warsaw or in new York. What is the urgency?

A rating of Donald trump falls before the presidential election. The job incumbent do not approve of more than half of Americans. To trump this kind of record.

But figures his main rival Joe Biden — is only growing. Biden is the most likely candidate from the Democratic party.

Trump need to crush stars out of Biden, and he wants to use Ukraine and Zelensky, the economist believes.

“In particular, it is planned to raise the story, Biden pressed on: “Poroshenko to dismiss Shokin, which investigated the case BURISMA, where Biden’s son was a member of the Board of Directors with a very grown-up salary. Biden, looking ahead, has already announced that in case of victory, would make Ukraine a priority of his policy. So, if Ukraine will support the current US President will hand over Biden, it will be a cause of global irreversible processes, which are then very uncomfortable going back to Ukraine”, — he writes.

Трамп в панике кинулся к Зеленскому : "на кону судьба...."

According to the expert, with the victory of Biden, which is very likely, Ukraine none of the American establishment not served.

“In the winning trump, and Republicans with the Ukrainians who give other Americans, will be extremely cautious and stay at a distance,” he said.

“If you’re not going to deal with trump and will lead the game, we will be harder next year to negotiate with the Americans about supporting, but we remember that the White house America a wedge has not converged? So gambit (trying to quickly break into the big game) can turn into a zugzwang (a situation where each step will lead to a deterioration of the position),” emphasizes the economist.

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Трамп в панике кинулся к Зеленскому : "на кону судьба...."

According to him, ideally, we would be good not to play big uncle, in which our role is that of a bargaining figure, and to play their game.

Earlier it became known that the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky succeeded — the US President Donald trump will meet with him several times.

The first meeting of heads of state held in Europe and will only have the opportunity to say “Hello!” the Ambassador of the USA in Ukraine William Taylor.

According to him, during the next meeting in Washington will be a more detailed conversation of the two presidents. Besides, Taylor hinted at the possibility of trump’s visit to Ukraine.

During the first meeting, which will be held in Warsaw or London, the presidents will have time except to exchange one or two ideas.

“The real meeting will take place after that. I hope she will be in a month or two in Washington. Here it would be real, meaningful conversations between the presidents,”– said William Taylor.

Recall that the similarity Zelensky and trump impressed the experts.

Also Politeka wrote that became known, why Zelensky need Trump.

And Politeka reported that the Ukrainian Putin’s dream collapsed, a contract with trump was doomed.