Trump has dealt a blow to Ukraine, the help more will not be what happened

Трамп нанес удар по Украине, помощи больше не будет: что произошло

The President of the United States Donald trump instructed his national security team to revise the program of financing a security system in Ukraine

This writes the newspaper Politico, citing a senior official in the Administration of the trump.

It is noted that the program, also known as the “Initiative security assistance to Ukraine,” will be revised to ensure that the money is used in the interests of the United States.

As you know, the United States planned to allocate to Ukraine in 2019, $ 250 million to address security issues.

Трамп нанес удар по Украине, помощи больше не будет: что произошло

The article notes that such a decision trump took after the summit “the Big seven” on which he strongly “played down the military invasion of Moscow in Ukraine” and insisted on the return of Russia to the G7.

According to the source, trump wants assurances that other countries “pay their fair share”. The Minister of defense mark Esper and national security adviser John Bolton are among the officials who also want to review the program funding.

In addition, the newspaper writes, while money is on a revision, they cannot be paid, and this means the allocation of funds to Ukraine will stop.

“We know that (the Office of management and budget – ed.) delays the funding of Initiatives to promote security of Ukraine… we Have serious concerns that these important assets can be frozen, and we immediately asked the administration why they hold these funds “, — said the representative of the Committee on appropriations of the house of representatives Evan Hollander.

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Трамп нанес удар по Украине, помощи больше не будет: что произошло

We will remind that him spit on Ukraine and threw a tantrum because of Putin.

As reported Politeka, trump has announced an important decision related Zelensky: “few days left”, the details of the application.

Also Politeka wrote about the negotiations Zelensky and Putin: Merkel was struck by a statement to that Ukrainians are not ready.