Trudeau satisfied with the balance of his government

premier-ministre-justin-trudeau-quitte(OTTAWA) The Prime Minister Justin Trudeau rejoices that his government has already fulfilled some campaign promises, although there is still much work to do, he acknowledged during a press conference to take stock of the parliamentary session ends.

“We spent the last seven months to do what we said we would do,” said Mr. Trudeau.

He stressed in particular the tax reduction granted to the families of the middle class, the new Canadian allocation for children and the new agreement signed this week with the provinces (excluding Quebec) to enhance the Canada Pension Plan.

The Prime Minister acknowledged that his government still has work to do, and it is responsible to mention his team. “One of the things I had to remind my ministers sometimes during this session, because they came with a lot of ability, motivation, enthusiasm, is that we still have four years in a mandate and we can not accomplish anything or expect to accomplish everything in the first few months, “he said.

“We made three big things for Canadians […]. We did other things as well. There are still many things to do and we will continue to work on the challenges ahead. ”

In their own review of the parliamentary session Tuesday, members of the opposition in turn denounced the excessive number of consultations launched by the government since it came to power, and the lack of action.

The Bombardier file, for example, Ottawa is studying the request for federal assistance for several months. “We continue to be committed with Bombardier, said Mr. Trudeau. As I have often said, I believe in the importance of the aviation industry not just in Quebec, but across Canada, because these are good jobs, it is a source of innovation and prosperity for communities and for the country. ”

“But it is important that the choices we are making are good not just for the short term but the medium and long term for the industry and it is in that perspective that we continue to be engaged with Bombardier and with other partners in the aviation industry. ”

Trudeau also responded to questions about the most controversial topics; for example on the elbow accidentally given to a member of the NDP in the House of Commons a few weeks ago. But rather than lose the feathers in the polls, the Liberal Party of Canada seemed to enjoy the event: “This is what people expect of others and this is what they should expect their Prime Minister: when you make a mistake, you take responsibility, you recognize and you work hard to learn from this mistake, move on and provide compensation if necessary, “he argued.

“I think we can certainly note that while the House adjourned last week, the tone was considerably more positive,” he added.

As to the question of his wife, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, who claimed recently over government resources to help carry out its charitable activities (and in doing so has raised some controversy), the Prime Minister offered an answer cautious.

“I am very proud of the work that Sophie has long been the cause of women, for the issues in relation to children for many concerns and charities across the country. And she continues to have much to offer not just the government but to Canadians. And we work to ensure it will be able to continue doing the work she does. But we also recognize that the choice should be free, we should not impose on future prime ministers and their spouses from having to follow a particular pattern. I think people recognize that different families will have different solutions, different capacities; and keep a measure of flexibility to respond to how we want to serve, I think it’s a good thing. ”

Finally, he suggested that Ottawa could well lift the imposition of visas for the entry of Mexicans in Canada next week during the visit of President Enrique Peña Nieto – a possibility that his Minister of Immigration refused to confirm Monday saying the firm had not yet taken a decision. “We must recommit ourselves constructively [with our NAFTA partners]. This is what I look forward to when visiting the State of Mexico, as we work to address some of the challenges that remain for too long, as the visa issue. ”

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