Troubled skin after 30. Care at home

Проблемная кожа после 30. Уход в домашних условиях

With skin problems are not faced only lucky. This applies to both women and men, both teenagers and adults formed people. But, as in dealing with any problems need continuity, namely constant quality skin care. And from both outside and inside. At the same time, problems with the skin can appear not only in adolescence, but after 30. What to do to cope with problems in adulthood? Magicforum figured out how to care for problem skin at this age.

Causes inflammation

What could be the causes of skin problems after the age of 30 years? They, in fact, a lot. From chlorine-containing water from the tap to the junk food that everyone loves.

The main cause of lesions and the beginning of the appearance of acne in adolescents is clear – it is the establishment and stabilization of a hormonal background, of course, and it can also be the cause, but mainly those are:

•Water from the tap;

•Infrequent changing of towels and bed linen;

•Frequent use of abrasive products for the face such as scrubs and also cosmetics which are not suitable for your skin type;

•Fatty, salty and fried food;

•The use of the tablets.

On each cause of and the solution to these problems in more detail.

How to solve skin problems?

Chlorinated water has a number of negative components that affect the skin. And even if you use expensive skin funds, carefully selected by a specialist, skin problems do not go away, it’s time to pay attention to the water. The best option is a frozen wash filtered drinking water. It can also be with the addition of aloe juice. Also very useful frozen chamomile decoction.

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Towels and bed linen, namely pillowcases, keep a storehouse of microbes, stimulating inflammation. Therefore, special attention must be paid to hygiene, to which also applies that the person is inadmissible to touch with dirty hands even if they are not they seem.

Ideally, in the presence of inflammation, to go to the doctor because acne signal problems are not only external, but also internal organs and the endocrine system in General. But when on the cosmetics market there is a huge amount of funds to care for themselves at home, I want to use all at once. But it is necessary to adhere to certain rules:

1.All the makeup is necessary to choose only in accordance to your skin type, age, and time of year.

2.The first thing you should pay attention when buying cosmetic products – shelf-life. Unfortunately, very often stores and drug stores are selling expired products, the use of which will lead to disastrous results.

3.Keep in mind that cleansing, toning, moisturizing and nourishment of the skin should be alternated. For example, you cannot after using the facial scrub, apply an alcohol based tonic or nourishing cream.

4.Do not use facial scrub more than 2 times a week, and in the presence of inflammation, the scrubs need to forget. This is due to the fact that when using the scrub, the infection from one place is spread to neighboring areas. Scrub, in this case, you can replace the acid masks/scrubs.

5.Pharmacy alcohol, in its purest form or alcohol-containing cosmetic products are harmful. They dry the epidermis, but does not eliminate the cause of the rash.

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6.Decorative cosmetics is prohibited during treatment. It clogs the pores, increases the risk of new acne.

Regarding the food, it’s much more difficult, because it is so difficult to deny myself French fries, fast-food, potato chips, spicy sauces and other things. But, they are the main stimuli for a healthy person. Should be refused entirely or to use them as sparingly as possible. And more to eat vegetables, fruits and fish.

Antibiotics adversely act on the intestinal flora and liver, which responds to the condition of the skin. Therefore, if taking antibiotics is unavoidable, after that it is necessary to take probiotics, which will debug the broken bodies.

Requirements to restore and maintain clear skin

When self-care should not squeeze pimples yourself. There is a possibility of infection or to increase the spread of a skin rash on the greatest perimeter, for example, from the face to the neck, décolleté, shoulders.

It is necessary to pay great attention to sports, walks on fresh air. If you stay a long time in the sun can not forget about the creams with SPF protection, due to the fact that ultraviolet light not only causes acne, but also ages the skin. The same applies to tanning beds. Proven by experts that the strong concentration of ultraviolet rays destroys not only the epidermis but also deeper layers of the skin. And, in case, if you deny yourself in this way, twice a day to moisturize and nourish the skin moisturizing in the morning and evening meals.

Don’t forget to tone the skin after each washing special tonics or tonics made by yourself. They can be made from the above-mentioned decoction of chamomile, St. John’s wort or water, with the addition of aloe juice. This tonic must be kept in the refrigerator no more than 2-3 days.

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The same goes for the masks, they should be in first place in the list of care each woman. The skin must be nourished because there is not enough nutrition will lead to dryness and dehydration, and this, in turn, causing increased production of the sebaceous glands, which increase inflammatory processes in the skin and exacerbates the situation is already problematic.

In view of all the above mentioned in this article, we can conclude that to achieve clean and healthy skin possible. Of course, the skin requires careful maintenance and attention. But it is not so difficult and as a result of complex therapy, the result will be noticeable, self care will bring incredible pleasure. Moreover, after improvements, would be needed just to maintain the result.


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