Trouble in the Donbas: all of Ukraine is frozen in prayer, began the mourning! Putin gave the order…

Беда на Донбассе: вся Украина застыла в молитве, начался траур! Путин отдал приказ...

Positions of AFU were fired by militants who broke the ceasefire

During the day, Russian armed forces and mercenaries, by order of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, 13 times violated the ceasefire.

Shelling reported on the page in Facebook the Operation of the joint forces.

As noted, twice the fighters used Minsk agreements prohibited weapons such as mortars 20 mm and 82 mm. the Enemy shelled positions of the OOS from small arms, as well as using mortars with heavy machine guns.

Беда на Донбассе: вся Украина застыла в молитве, начался траур! Путин отдал приказ...

It is also said on nine attacks committed in the area of responsibility of the group “EAST”. The enemy fired heavy machine guns, small arms, anti-tank rocket launchers and grenade launchers of other systems near Lebedinsky, Hnutove, and Water, and not far from Nikolaev.

It is reported that the fire was in the area of group “NORTH”, where he was shelled for four positions of the Ukrainian military: from manual anti-tank grenade launchers near Novoluganskoe, prohibited 120-mm mortars and automatic grenade launchers in the area of zaytsevo. By the way, was fired from heavy machine guns and anti-tank grenade launchers easel near the farm Free.

The shelling killed one soldier from the joint forces. In Ukraine the mourning for the death of the protector. We bring our condolences to the family and friends of a soldier.

At the moment the enemy attacks were reported.

We will remind, after terrorists conducted attacks against Ukrainian military, some of them returned to normal life. One of the gunmen even opened in Mariupol pizzeria where give discounts to participants of the ATO.

The militants were free lifestyle, earlier bragging of the murders. The court released some under house arrest.

Беда на Донбассе: вся Украина застыла в молитве, начался траур! Путин отдал приказ...

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So, one of the militants novel Jumaev has never hidden the fact that he was a militant member of a group “Tag”.

He described how he fired at the settlement of Marinka and tried to discourage the “cyborgs” Donetsk airport. Ukrainian security services seized him, when he came to Mariupol to visit relatives, but the court just let him go. It Jumaev later and opened a pizzeria.

Later it turned out that the institution is operating illegally. And then a former terrorist who attacked the security forces. However, despite all the articles, it is still released under house arrest.

Recall that the militants went on the attack in OOS: began a hard battle, APU stood.

As reported Politeka, Mat magically defeated the militants in OOS: there were details and video bright attack.

Earlier Politeka wrote that the APU is to give teeth to the Russians on the front: “a big loss”, disclosed details of success in OOS