Trohimets said the case “Rotterdam +” attempt to put pressure on private business

Трохимец считает дело "Роттердам +" попыткой давления на частный бизнес

The case of NABU on “Rotterdam +” is politically motivated and is an attempt to put pressure on private business

This was stated by the President of the Association of energy of Ukraine Alexander Trohimets in comments to journalists, write Ukrainian news.

“In addition to political motives, any others do not see. The case for the so-called “Rotterdam +” National anti-corruption Bureau was founded in 2017. That is, two years they have not been able to “nurislamovich”. And according to the information that was in the media, have been carried out it is judicial-economic, and I stress that expertise back then which confirmed the legality of this Ordinance and the economic feasibility. During this time, the present representative of the President Andrey Gerus twice there have been attempts to challenge the formula “Rotterdam” in the administrative court , and twice the court has recognized as reasonable and legitimate. And suddenly Artem Sytnik wakes up and gives suspicions,” said Trohimets.

According to experts, the charges against NAB in damage due to the introduction of the “Rotterdam +” are unfounded. NABU representatives are unable to answer as they thought the damage, nor what subject he was done.

“I told him (Artem Sytnik) asked the question, what is generally considered a detriment. Because in order to calculate the damage, you need to take a different price of coal. And I asked him that you took and where. You can hypothetically imagine that any price put, $ 20. But it is possible to buy it? That is, the damage is hypothetical. Actually it is, in my opinion, in the sense of criminal law was not exact. Moreover, the damage must be caused by the specified entity. Who is the subject of this criminal process, do not understand. And Artem Sergeevich was not able to answer my question, ” — said Trohimets.

The expert believes that the case “Rotterdam +” is the pressure on private business, in particular, DTEK, and stressed that it is unacceptable in a legal state.

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“We are never legal state can not be built. We live in the eternal conflict one with the other. Some came to power — crush the other. Others came — revenge predecessors. It should not be. There should be a clear legal regulation within the legal field, ” said Trohimets.

Earlier, member of the Supervisory Board of the Institute of energy strategies Yuri Korolchuk said that the case “Rotterdam +” evidence of incompetence and political partisanship of NABOO, as applied in the formula of the import parity method is used in most European countries and the feasibility and economic justification of its use in Ukraine is not in doubt.

Deputy Director of the situations modeling Agency golobutsky Alex believes that the case of iabu “Rotterdam +” has no judicial perspective. Because the courts have previously recognized formula legitimate, and import parity, on which it is based, is an international practice.
The formula “Rotterdam +” was made by the decision of the National Commission carrying out regulation in the sphere of energy and utilities (NKREKP) No. 289 of March 3, 2017 “On approval of the procedure of forming the projected wholesale prices of electricity.” According to the decree, in the price of electricity includes the cost of coal taking into account price quotes API2 European hub of Amsterdam — Rotterdam — Antwerp.