Triumph Zelensky threatens catastrophe for Ukraine, “leading us not to Europe”

Триумф Зеленского грозит катастрофой для Украины: "ведет нас не в Европу"

Supporters of Vladimir Zelensky need to treat it like an experienced coach to his talented pupil

So says analyst and political scientist Alexander Kochetkov.

“Last time began to come across posts and comments in the form of a primitive categorical support of Vladimir Zelensky, like “the PRESIDENT is DOING EVERYTHING RIGHT!”. I want to add “NOW and EVER, AND unto ages of AGES!”.”, he writes.

He also suggests the example of “ridiculous resourcesmy” that 100 days, after which the world traditionally assess the start of the presidency, should be counted not from the date of the inauguration, and after the election of the new Parliament citing lack of authority from the President.

“It seems like I have heard this lamentation. So, maybe, five-year presidential term for Vladimir Alexandrovich to count, for example, in 2023?”, — says Kochetkov.

Also, the analyst compared the “bots Poroshenko” with well-wishers Zelensky.

Триумф Зеленского грозит катастрофой для Украины: "ведет нас не в Европу"

“I started to bump into familiar to heartburn empty accounts, with which even friendly critics warn Vase “Shut up and let the President work!”. That is, bots Poroshenko not only demanded the new government, they are all so good that it makes no sense to change the templates.”, he writes.

Says Kochetkov, a real support of Vladimir Zelensky is not to jump on everyone who expresses him delight, but not to give the bronze to him.

“And certainly the problem — it is part of the sincere adherents of the Vase in some orchestrated Internet campaigns against dissent. First, such a struggle has become one of the factors determining total hatred of society to Petro Poroshenko, which, in fact, built Zelensky on the throne. Secondly, it is with such organized information campaigns and starts looting in Ukraine.”, — the expert believes.

Kochetkov says that unbridled glorification of power is foolishness, leading us not to Europe, but just to Russia.

Триумф Зеленского грозит катастрофой для Украины: "ведет нас не в Европу"

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“In fact, sincere and minded supporters of Vladimir Aleksandrovich need to treat it like an experienced coach to his talented pupil: for the success of the praise, but cautiously, so as not puffed up and not “caught a star” and for mistakes to criticize, but not to lose faith in yourself.”, he graduated from the school.

Previously, we reported that the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has continued to dismiss officials in Zhytomyr region. He originally asked to leave the regional Director of forestry.

Zelensky said that according to him, Kura — one of the members of the scheme for the illegal extraction of amber in the region. In response to Kura said it was slander.

Recall that before Zelensky arrived in Zhitomir there was prepared in this event. But it didn’t. In one of the ACP to cover has long been worn parquet floor, spread a carpet of green. Noticed one of the journalists who was present during the visit of Vladimir Zelensky.

Recall Zelensky raged at the meeting with the police

And Politeka reported that Zelensky raged, began a massive purge of officials

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky by decree decided the fate of the whole region