Tristan saw his dream

petit-tristan-enfin-eu-chance“Never give up. This is the motto of my karate. I can not wait to see my friends at school. “

Little Tristan is a winner. Since January 2015, he has demonstrated an astonishing strength to fight the enemy, neuroblastoma stage 4.

Throughout this long battle to overcome cancer, Jonquiérois had a purpose; living a dream Walt Disney World with her parents and her older sister Jade, aged 10. He clung to this trip, offered by the Children’s Wish Foundation.

” It was fantastic. I feel very happy. What I liked was Universal Studios, “said the little boy of 7 years, visibly matures by the disease.

Hosted by The Progress-Sunday during its landing at Bagotville, yesterday afternoon, the family still had his head in the clouds. illuminated eyes and smiles on their lips, the children and their parents seemed so appeased. As for the young brave, he proudly wore his beautiful cap Dingo.

“This dream week came full circle. We learned April 7 that he was in remission. See fit and live a life as do children his age has done a tremendous good to my mother’s heart, “said Caroline Tremblay.

Line Villeneuve, the grandmother of Tristan was so anxious to shake his little son in his arms. “The last 16 months have been the worst of my life. I prayed for them to give me cancer to me rather than my little son, “said the woman, her eyes filled with water.

It’s January 2, 2015 Caroline Tremblay and Mario Boily learned that their toddler was suffering from a serious illness. The following month, while Tristan was hospitalized in Quebec, they knew that their youngest had bone metastases from head to toe. “It was the steepest hit. Life has stopped. The support was crucial since it is nothing when we are hit by such news, “testified Mr. Boily.

In all, Tristan received seven cycles of chemotherapy. He also underwent surgery, a culture of stem cell and bone marrow transplantation. “We have often been afraid of losing. He was sick as soon as he finished his pocket a number of chemo. It was intense. We have changed our view of life and we are frightened, “told the parents, who were absent from work to be at the bedside of their cherub.

Tristan Boily receive close medical monitoring since relapsed neuroblastoma occur mainly during the first two years after remission. He thanked the Children’s Wish Foundation.

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