Triple murder: the mother of co-accused asks for forgiveness

on-voit-ici-arrestation-accuses(Trois-Rivieres) The day was particularly busy in emotions Wednesday at the Trois-Rivières courthouse.

Families of victims of the triple murder have not only had the opportunity to testify in court but the mother of the accused is her silence, and for the first time since the start of court proceedings.

On leaving the courtroom, she wept and trembled in every limb. Invited to comment on legal proceedings, she immediately thought of the families of the victims.

“There is no word, there is no word in the dictionary powerful enough to express the pain that I have for them. There is not a day that goes by that I have a thought for all of them.

On February 11, I burn three lanterns for victims. I pray for them and ask others for forgiveness, in my name of course. It is certain that the pain they experience, I just a piece of what they may experience, “she mentioned.

She also lamented the lack of adequate resources to help his son in the months before the tragedy. The latter use drugs, fuguait and refused to go to school.

It also became aggressive to the point that she recognized him. It has denounced his actions with the authorities but in vain. His son stayed three days in a youth center before being returned home.

Today, she will even wonder if he had not been better that the strikes for the authorities to keep it and run it.

However, she refuses to appear as a victim in the case, well aware of the pain experienced by the victims’ families. She only wants her son receives care appropriate to their situation.

Previously, the mood was very heavy in the courtroom. The families of the three victims have in fact addressed to Raymond W. Pronovost judge to witness the consequences of this tragedy in their lives.

The mother, the father and stepmother of two sisters as the mother of the young man who was also gunned recounted with great sadness all the suffering they have experienced since February 11, 2014. more occasions, they were unable to hold back their tears but their words have always remained dignified and respectful.

Note that an order banning publication has been pronounced by the judge. It forbids us to reveal the contents of their testimony and that, further to their own request. The same order was pronounced in argument on sentence the accomplice, Kaven Sirois.

Most relatives had not wished that their words will be reported in the media, saying that their privacy had been sufficiently exposed. This time, the ordinance applies to all parents.

The judge also read silently three letters written by the father of the young man, the sister of the two young women murdered and an aunt.

In the box, the co-accused for his part, seemed uncomfortable a few times listening to the parents of the victims without tears. He still stared ahead of him.

Thursday, hearings will continue with the testimony of the expert psychiatrist to the court, Dr. Martin Gignac. Thereafter, defense, provided by Mr. René Duval, will hear his psychiatric expert, is Dr. Louis Morissette.

Recall that in this case, the Crown seeks the subjugation of the young man that he be sentenced to an adult sentence, that is to say life without parole prison for ten years. Otherwise, it could be subject to a youth sentence, six years secure custody and four years of external monitoring. He was 17 years old at the triple murder.

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