Triple murder: life imprisonment for Cedric Bouchard

juge-raymond-w-pronovost-note(Trois-Rivieres) Along with his accomplice Kaven Sirois, Cedric Bouchard will serve a life imprisonment without possibility of parole for ten years for the triple murder of Sicard Street in Trois-Rivieres.

In an expanded decision counting forty pages, Judge Raymond W. Pronovost has concluded that the young man, who was 17 when the killing of 11 February 2014, should be subject to an adult sentence. While looking at the young man standing in the dock, he said: “How can an individual develop it as much violence against people he does not even know? His accomplice was perhaps a mobile, jealousy, but the accused had none. This is an extreme and gratuitous violence. ”

It has taken into account two essential factors right to the subject of which, first, his moral culpability. On this point, he concluded that the Crown prosecutors Me Hippolite Brin and Mr. Alexis Marcotte-Bélanger successfully rebutted any presumption of guilt which applies to adolescents.

He noted in particular that Cedric Bouchard had long premeditated murders with Kaven Sirois, he had learned to wield a weapon, he had planned to torture the mother of the two sisters murdered and had brought tools this purpose. Through complicity, he also planned to kill police officers, considered filming the events for later broadcast on social networks but that instead he had left one of the victims tell 911 how unfolded the events.

Similarly, he had the opportunity to change your mind several times, but he never deviated from the original plan. He was so conscious and not intoxicated. It was he who knocked on the door of the house to bring his partner with arms, it was he who went for two of the three victims who were hiding upstairs to go down to the lounge to the gunpoint. It was he who shot first on one of the two sisters.

For all these reasons, there is no doubt in the mind of the judge that he had then the moral capacity of an adult. “Everything has been meticulously prepared as an adult would. He has not participated in these crimes on instantly whim but by planning long-term, “he said.

The second factor that is considered the adequacy of a specific youth sentence. This is six years of closed and four years of external monitoring guard before getting a full release. He argues that this period is not long enough to ensure their rehabilitation and social reintegration while protecting society.

In this case, we know that Cédric Bouchard participated in the murder of three people he had never seen and he did not know. He helped Kaven Sirois to assuage his anger and desire for revenge for the sole purpose that it kills after the events.

However, three experts from the Court, the criminologist Julie Moreau, the psychologist and psychiatrist Costi Tiziana Martin Gignac have all concluded that it will need a supported long term in line with his personality disorder, his face narcissistic and antisocial. They especially noted that déresponsabilisait, he was a great manipulator, he tended to blame others and lacked empathy.

Even under detention, two years after the tragedy, they found that it continues to shirk and minimize his actions. He shows conformity to preserve his image without ever really get involved emotionally to resolve its problems. Predictions about rehabilitation are reserved.

Only the defense psychiatrist, Dr. Louis Morissette, believes that the accused has changed dramatically and it is accountable for the tragedy. It even maintains that it is not violent.

Again, the Pronovost judge wondered how experts working in the same establishment (Pinel) and who treat the same patients may arrive at different conclusions also. “Here it is not a question of nuances but in a totally different opinion.”

In his mind, the claims of three experts of the court are more realistic than those of Morissette psychiatrist. According to him, the preponderance of evidence shows that the accused indeed continue to disempower and blame Kaven Sirois.

“It is more focused on the future and the consequences of the impacts of their actions. It would be surprising that following training and therapy with a psychologist once a week everything is sufficient as claimed by Dr. Morissette to allow him a pardon, “said the judge Pronovost.

Cédric Bouchard will therefore remain detained in a youth center until 30 June 2016, and to complete his school exams. It will then be sent to a prison to serve his sentence.

Again, he showed no emotion when the judge’s decision fell unlike his mother who was crying. In this respect, his lawyer René Duval explained, “is often criticized for being unmoved. He himself testified about his difficulties to express his emotions. One may think that it’s a bit the countenance it was able to give in the circumstances. ”

Counsel also announced it would seriously evaluate the possibility of filing an application for leave to appeal because of the severity of the sentence.

For its part, the Crown said she was very satisfied with this judgment although it is ready to face the music in any appeal procedures, as it does for Kaven Sirois.

Mr. Brin said that families were altogether relieved by the decision of the judge Pronovost while showing great resilience in the circumstances.

The event thread
February 11, 2014

Shortly before 8 am, a distress call is received at the Central 9-1-1. The police go on Sicard Street and come face to face with two teenagers. The 16 year olds, Kaven Sirois, and 17, Cédric Bouchard stopped before are discovered the bodies of three victims inside the house. During the day, numerous publications disease is discovered on Facebook pages of the two accused.

February 12, 2014

The two youths arrested were formally charged with first degree murder and conspiracy to murder. The mother of the two sisters and murdered policemen were also targeted by the plot.

February 15, 2014

Hundreds of people gather at Mary of the Incarnation College (MIC) during a ceremony in honor of the three victims.

February 17, 2014

Nearly 450 people gathered at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières during a speech liturgy celebrated in memory of the victims.

February 20, 2014

The funeral of three young victims of the triple murder are celebrated in the cathedral of Trois-Rivières, before 1500 people.

June 23, 2014

Kaven Sirois pleads guilty to murdering three young victims of Sicard Street, plotting their murder, that of the mother of the two sisters and those of the police.

June 26, 2015

Cédric Bouchard, aged 17 at the time of the killings, pleaded also guilty to six charges against him, prior to his trial.

October 30, 2015

Kaven Sirois gets an adult sentence. He was sentenced to a life prison sentence without chance of parole for 10 years.

February 18, 2016

Kaven Sirois place of custody is determined by the court: it will remain at the Philippe Pinel Institute until 2020 and subsequently transferred to a penitentiary until the end of his sentence.

May 6, 2016

Kaven Sirois officially bear his appeal. The motion for leave to appeal was finally referred to a bench of three judges of the Court of Appeal. It will be debated on 28 October.

May 13, 2016

Judge Raymond W. Pronovost condemns Cedric Bouchard to an adult sentence. He will serve a life sentence without parole for ten years.

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