Triple murder: “I had no reason to kill her”

cette-photo-on-voit-jeune(Trois-Rivieres) When he came on Sicard Street February 11, 2014, the accomplice of Kaven Sirois knew no one there.

Its aim was to help his friend and then killing himself not without its heyday. “Kaven was responsible for one of the sisters and her boyfriend. He ordered me to kill the other sister, but my hand was shaking. I was on stress; in addition, the weapon was heavy. I placed the gun behind his head but I did not even realize I had pulled the trigger, “he told during police questioning.

As part of the sentence on arguments which began on Monday, the Crown, represented by Hippolytus Brin, has indeed presented excerpts from the video interview conducted within hours of the tragedy. Thus one sees the young man of 17 who says without any particular emotion that happened in the house.

He will claim at first that it is Kaven who shot the three victims because he had been unable, for lack of courage and nervousness. As time passes it will become more emotional.

“These images will haunt me. She was nice. I had no reason to kill her. I do not even know her. Maybe if I had not been there, she would not open the door because Kaven already knew, “he said.

Then invited to listen to the 911 call made by one of the victims, he burst into tears. In this call, the youngest of the sisters has been in contact with the dispatcher until the end. clearly we hear three shots. This is the girl who died last after witnessing the death of his sister and his lover.

The co-accused will be confronted by the investigator Jean Ferron on cartridges found on site. Two weapons were in fact used for the triple murder.

He eventually admitted he was the first to shoot, killing the elder sister. He followed in his Kaven the guidelines that had made a statement. The latter then assassinate the other two in seconds.

He eventually confessed to the investigator that he just wanted to die and that nothing had happened as he wanted. He even made the reproach Kaven Sirois when they were both arrested.

To justify himself, he will tell his father had never wanted him, he was beaten by him and his mother had not cared about him. Note that the latter was yet present in the courtroom.

On several occasions, she broke down in tears while listening to the story of the actions of his son. This is otherwise remained impassive in the dock.

In this case, we know that it is Kaven who is the instigator of the triple murder. Unhappy being rejected by a girl he had once planned to commit the irreparable. It was thus associated with his friend, who was also a large consumer of drugs.

The investigator David Majeau for his part told the judge Raymond W. Pronovost nature of the evidence found at the scene.

Young had not only decided to kill all the people who were in the house but also gestures of torture, especially to the mother of the two sisters if it was present.

To do this, they had brought a cheese grater, salt, Tabasco, son of iron, hammers, knives. They also had flammable and lighters to set fire to the house. Finally, they had thirty bullets as they were planning to kill police officers.

In addition, the investigator Carole Lebel for his part is reading several messages written by the authors of the triple murder.

Among the many scenarios they envisioned, they thought to detonate a bomb in a school or a bus, to commit rape, decapitation and even cook a head in an oven. He even provided they film the drama of Sicard Street and publish all on Facebook.

As part of the argument on sentence, the Crown is seeking the court to condemn the young man to an adult sentence as was the case for Kaven Sirois, or life imprisonment without parole for 10 years.

The defense lawyer, Mr. René Duval, for its part calls a youth sentence, which corresponds to six years in closed custody and four years of external monitoring.

The young man pleaded guilty to six counts of murder in the first degree and conspiracy to murder.

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