Tretyakov urged the party “servant of the People” to fight together with black technologies on the district

Третьяков призвал партию «Cлуга Народа» вместе бороться с черными технологиями на округе

MP, Chairman of Committee on Affairs of veterans and individuals with disabilities Alexander Tretyakov urged the party “servant of the people” and its candidate in the majority district 219 capital (Svyatoshinsky district) to work together to combat black technology in elections

About this he wrote on his page in Facebook.

“It turns out that to fight the election dirty methods — using a “clone” competitors are going to not only me. About “clones” — brothers Tretyakevich with Troyeshchyna, which, it appears, go to the polls in the same district, to “support each other”, I wrote earlier. But the list was on the district 219 candidates appeared and namesake Nikolay Tishchenko, who was put forward by party “servant of the People”. The goal is the same as in the case of “clones”, which are launched against me — “bite off” a certain number of votes, hoping for the inattention of voters. Moreover, the “clone” is not only candidates, but also mimic the names of the rating of political forces! So, the district has already submitted documents for registration of candidate Viktor Kolbun, Chairman of the public organization “the servant of the people Svyatoshin”, which, of course, is not to the party “servant of the people” irrelevant” — said Tretyakov.

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According to him, all these manipulations are involved to mislead the voters and distort the real results of the vote.

“Calling party “servant of the people” and its candidate for the 219 district to combine efforts and jointly counter the black technology. This vicious practice must be stopped. Ukrainian society is interested in the fact that the elections were fair, transparent and democratic. Because it is primarily a question of values, which we must implement. And, finally, the European choice of Ukraine. I am convinced that in a fair fight, should defeat one who is expressing his confidence at the polls the majority of voters,” — said Tretyakov.