Travis Scott introduced the clip with Kylie Jenner in the title role

Трэвис Скотт представил клип с Кайли Дженнер в главной роли

In a new video “Stop being trying to be God” (“Stop trying to be God”) from time to time depicted biblical scenes: Scott himself walks among the sheep, and then conducts the rite of baptism, and later appears in the role of God in heaven.

Kylie Jenner played the role of a goddess who is dressed in a Golden robe, and emits light. Girl symbolic appears with a little lamb in his arms, my lips which you can read the name of the song, reports the Telegraph.

In addition, the clip also starred a British singer James Blake.

After publishing the video in YouTube Travis Scott showed them a photo of Kylie with a half-year-old daughter, Stormy, who is dressed in a bodysuit with the name of his new album “Astroworld”.

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