Travelers Midget AAA competitive

mouture-midget-aaa-voyageurs-remporteMidget AAA version of Saguenay Travelers seems to have lost its complex relation to other Quebec formations. Regional baseball team known good times since the beginning of the season, keeping a respectable record of 12 wins and 14 losses.

If recent seasons have not always mean success for travelers, the sun is more present this time. Even though his team has lost its last four games, including two of the doubleheader Saturday against the LLL of the North Shore of Montreal, Kevin Lafrance is happy to fight for the win night after night.

“Early in the season, our pitchers did a good job and it was placed back on defense after the first most difficult games, summed up the head coach of the midget AAA Travelers, who has spent the last two seasons at the helm publishing bantam AA regional team. Right now, it feels a bit tired and we see more of frustration to small errors of concentration or mental fatigue. In general, it is competitive against all teams in the league. ”

“We’re a team that does well in all positions without necessarily having dominant players. We must clearly run small games, otherwise we risk ending up in a bad position. ”

New this year, the Midget AAA Development Network has created two divisions. D1 division has six teams and the D2 includes seven. Les Voyageurs are part of this second group and according to Kevin Lafrance, the new mode of operation is advantageous. Local play 60 percent of their games against clubs in their division and 40% against those of the D1. Saguenay is currently in third place in its division.

“This is beneficial because we play a lot of baseball, has Lafrance context about the 60 meetings calendar. We practice less and live more game situations, which allows us to directly practical elements that teaches players. By cons, maybe I would suggest to extend the season because the schedule is condensed enough and it is a bit heavy with the movements. However, I welcome the idea of ​​playing more games. Learning side, that’s fine. ”

Kevin Lafrance also stressed that he counted on a line of 14 players, compared to other teams in the league who are between 16 and 18 players on hand. “The negative is that fatigue is sometimes felt, but on the other hand, our players are more regular field,” raised the head coach receives using four midget players from Quebec.

Since the Midget AAA caliber is a development league, the goal is to produce players who can move in the junior elite baseball in the near future.

“We are confident to train players who will be able to do well in the junior elite,” said Kevin Lafrance.

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