Trash in a public place will have to pay a fine: the Ukrainians announced amount

За мусор в общественном месте придется заплатить штраф: украинцам озвучили суммы

The mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko will return to Parliament with a proposal to increase fines for throwing garbage in the wrong places

A draft address at the meeting have supported the permanent Commission of the Kyiv city Council on environmental policy. This was announced by the representative of the Commission, city Council Deputy Igor Miroshnichenko. He noted that the main criterion for the adoption of the bill is to ensure the inevitability of punishment. The Deputy also said that it is necessary to expand the list of persons entitled to impose fines for administrative offenses.

While such powers are spelled out for employees of the patrol police.

За мусор в общественном месте придется заплатить штраф: украинцам озвучили суммы

“In my opinion, the patrol police can not cope with these responsibilities. Even if the bill is passed in this form, as we appeal, it will not be effective as, for example, a bill on strengthening the responsibility for illegal Parking. It still doesn’t work, we have municipal inspectors began to work. So I suggested that in addition to increasing fines, which, of course, necessary, should be introduced the institution of municipal inspectors who will have powers to impose administrative penalties on unscrupulous citizens,” — said Miroshnichenko.

The law on this subject lies in the Parliament for the second year in a row, and he was not even considered in the first reading, stresses Miroshnichenko. That’s why members of city Council and decided to mention this document. It clearly defines the offense and punishment.

За мусор в общественном месте придется заплатить штраф: украинцам озвучили суммы

Throwing garbage and other objects out of the Windows and doors of trains, over the side of a river or small vessel, from the Windows and doors of buses, shuttles, trolleybuses or trams entails a warning or imposition of penalty.

You need to pay will be from 340 to 850 UAH. The same amount is provided for throwing domestic waste in the settlements beyond capacity, designed for the collection, disposal or recycling. For all of these actions committed repeatedly, shall be fined from 850 to 1700 UAH.

Singapore is an example of a country that demonstrates how the fines for throwing garbage in the wrong place change the mentality of the citizens. On the street it is forbidden to feed the pigeons, spit, chew gum, eat. For each of the following acts shall be imposed a fine of more than $730. Garbage if the offense occurred again, then you will go to jail.

We will remind, we wrote, as the debris destroys our lives.

Also politeka reported that Ukrainians in new ways will be forced to pay for garbage.

We also reported that for residents trash will be “Golden” — how many will have to pay.