Transplant of the head of the Russian revealed a surprise ending

Пересадка головы россиянину: выяснился неожиданный финал

A Russian programmer, who with his wife and son live in Florida, US, refused an offer of transplant heads

33-summer Valery Spiridonov, who was born in the city of Vladimir (Russia), from childhood suffers from a rare genetic disease, spinal muscular atrophy, which drains the muscles and deprives the ability to move. This reduces the life expectancy.

Пересадка головы россиянину: выяснился неожиданный финал

Italian surgeon Sergio Canavero was ready to host the first-ever transplant of a head Valery. About it, the Russians dreamed of almost my whole life.

The doctor conducted similar successful operations in the monkeys, however, the risk to human life is high.

Precisely because of the risk of the Respondent was forced to give up – he was afraid to leave my family without a father.

As a result, the Italian surgeon will hold the first such operation with a patient from China.

Пересадка головы россиянину: выяснился неожиданный финал

We will remind, the daughter of singer Valerie and producer Alexander Shulgin Anna was in the hospital in Moscow.

This very 25-year-old actress, acting under the stage name Shena, said in his Instagram, attaching a photograph of myself with a dropper.

In Stories 25-year-old singer posted a photo which shows that she is on a drip. “Nobody thought, did not expect that today, 7am start ambulance, anesthesia and surgery,” commented the girl. Then she added that currently she was all right, and she can’t wait to get home and continue working on music.

Note that the specific reason for their hospitalization and emergency surgery Shulgin reported, in connection with which caused a lot of questions among subscribers. Users also began to wish Anna a speedy recovery and discharge. The singer asked as often as possible to report their condition and any changes.

It is noteworthy that about a year ago, Shulgin had already been in hospital on a drip. Then she, too, has published on his page photographs from the hospital room. Anna was assured that nothing bad hasn’t happened to her, and the treatments she went intends to support the body before serious job that requires a lot of energy.

Anna was born in marriage to Valeria with music producer Alexander Shulgin, former spouses growing sons Arseny and Artem. The Union collapsed in 2002, raising children, Valerie was doing her third husband, producer Joseph Prigogine.

Recall that the strain of H1N1 die young.

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