Transparency of Promotion Saguenay questioned

Councillor Julie Dufour found it necessary to read the Hovington decision of the Quebec Municipal Commission.

She concludes that there is in this case similarities with Bernard Noël that reached its denouement Monday in Chicoutimi courthouse before the same tribunal.

In both cases, lead Councillor Shipshaw the Promotion Saguenay organization is involved and in both cases, they are councilors who work or operate close to nonprofit agencies with financial support the economic development organization. According to the counselor, the two events warrant to question the transparency of Promotion Saguenay and the control of the organization on grants to organizations.

“I think it’s really important to take the time to read the decision of the Municipal Board in the file of Fabien Hovington and Forest Festival Shipshaw. As is the case for the Nations Cup, we have two councilors that perform to Promotion Saguenay funding requests for an NPO. In both cases, Promotion Saguenay fact checks without checking further the reasons for the trips or expense. We realize after in both cases that the objective before departure is not the one that is realized, “says Julie Dufour.

In the case of forest festival, the counselor noted that the decision of the Commission tells us that the organizers of Norway had clearly informed before leaving the members of the delegation of the Shipshaw festival it was useless to go to Scandinavia since the organization of the world championships had no interest in Shipshaw. The email was received by the general director of the festival and at the same time policy attached to the office of Mayor Jean Tremblay, Isabelle Belanger.

“Despite this email, the mayor’s political attache, Fabien Hovington, Pierre Guillot and Isabelle Bélanger made the trip to Europe,” continues the counselor. Julie Dufour, it became clear that people who wear many hats risk living situations of conflict and believes that John Doe is the first to be placed in this position as President of Promotion Saguenay.

“It makes you wonder if the council members would pose more questions if Mayor Tremblay did not hold the office of President of Promotion Saguenay. Apart from the financial statements obtained in the past by a request for access, there is not much information on Promotion Saguenay. I’m not saying that what they do is not good. It’s just that it would be normal for the board members and citizens can ask questions of Promotion Saguenay, “says independent consultant.

Bernard Noël managed the same maneuver by reaching obtain an additional grant to a first sponsorship of $ 100,000 Promotion Saguenay. The money was used to purchase medals and jerseys finally allowed to pay air tickets and travel expenses for the advisor, his wife and daughter. Julie Dufour noted that he managed to pass over the control mechanisms without anyone wonders why the agency needed an amount of approximately $ 5,000 after obtaining a sum of $ 100,000.

Julie Dufour does not intend to ask his colleague from Jonquière district to resign alderman. “I was not hid demanding its withdrawal from the post of president of the borough council. I do things publicly. I will not ask her resignation from the counselor and I let him do his thinking about his future, “concluded Julie Dufour.

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